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Courtney McBride
Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity and dignity. Titus 2:7
Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity and dignity. Titus 2:7

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October Themes ....Spider, Bats, and Fire Prevention
Each child wrote a fact about spiders and we put them on our web.  Then we did a whole group writing activity filling in the blanks for the spider chart.  Every day we read a a few pages in a non-fictional Spider book.  The students wrote one fact that they...

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How to grow a theme..
I am choosing the "Apple" Theme, only because it encompasses non-fiction and beginning reading skills.  You will see how children are writing in beginning sounds and using illustrations to depict understanding.  You will also see how we create whole class a...

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Graphic Organizers and Comcept Boards
One of the hardest things to me to teach is comprehension.  But taking a graphic organizer that the CHILDREN CREATE, NOT THE TEACHER can ensure deeper understanding.  I read something once that said "If the teacher made the chart, and the teacher did all of...

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Math and More
I know it has been a while since I have posted and I have several things to share with you.  This year we started teaching math a COMPLETELY different way.  We started the year teaching the children how to explore, write, count, add, subtract and recognize ...

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All Things Fall!!
I think that I should be whipped for waiting this long to post.  Blogging was taking up LOTS of my time last year and I promised myself to slack off a little and well..... I did a pretty good job.  The purpose of my blog is not have teachers purchase produc...

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Jan Brett Author Study..
This was SO much fun for the kids and for me!  By the time we read the third book, the children were able to tell me who the author was and a few characteristics of her books.  We read several but the ones I am posting are Hedgie's Surprise, The Three Snow ...

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All Things Winter
We've had a TERRIBLE ice storm and have missed the past two days are we are missing tomorrow as well.  It looks like snow, but it's NOT!!  I slipped on the ice and fell right on my shoulder and knee and laughed at first until I realized I was really hurt!! ...

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Thanksgiving, Farm, and More
Well, I am WAAAYYY behind with my posts.  I will learn that I need to take pictures of things one year prior to each holiday or weekly theme so that I can post them on time the following year.  My husband took a trip to Kansas for 2 weeks and I have been SW...

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All Around our Community
I have a Community unit on TPT and a few thing that I am posting are from that.  We were able to take three field trips around our town.  One of my favorite field trips is to our local Wal-Mart.  Who knew they will give you a tour of their store, give the c...

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Monster Math and Frank E. Stein
I like to give appropriate credit for things.  I found these monsters EVERYWHERE on the internet.    However, there are only a certain number of ways that you can make a monster.   If you purchased our Kindergarten Scope and Sequence from TPT, you can see t...
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