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Ray Graphite Electrodes
Graphite electrodes, specialty graphite, graphite tubes, graphite machining manufacturers
Graphite electrodes, specialty graphite, graphite tubes, graphite machining manufacturers


Export Suggestions of China’s Graphite Electrode

In general, the export of China’s graphite electrode has gained significant achievement. However, it can not be denied that it still has many problems. Belows are the suggestions offered by Raygroup graphite electrode.

1. According to the development of market situation and demand, reduce sales section, shorten sales channels, build own sales group and upstream, downstream line’s relationship to promote direct selling. Study hard on the life circle of graphite electrode, completely analyses inside and outside environment, correctly evaluate ourselves competitive strength, develop and practice enterprise strategy.

2. The problem of RMB exchange rate is the economic problem, it has inner laws of economics. At present, our financial market is constantly improved and financial products is increasingly rich, we could borrow dollars from lending market and return it after forming export earnings.

3. China’s graphite electrode export is in order confusion. It not only seriously impact the normal export market, but more important, damage the reputation of our graphite electrode in international market and long term benefit. We must learn a lesson, great efforts made to clean up and advocate integrity management.

4. In order to realize the development strategy and target of our graphite electrode export enterprises, increase export performance, we must pay attention to human resource planning and human resource developing.
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Gap in Graphite Products Between China and Abroad
In this article, Ray group graphite & carbon electrode company will tell you the gap in graphite products between China and abroad.

Though the development of our soft graphite study is fast, there’s still a big gap compared with Japan, Germany and America, which is mainly on lower production level and the quality of product has a big gap compared with developed countries.

Product performance: for example, the strength of extension for soft graphite product is 20% lower than abroad simliar products while friction coefficient is 20% higher than abroad products.

Grade specifications: our soft graphite is simple product while western countries has studied 1600 kinds of soft graphite products for oxidation resistance and anti-corrosive properties, which almost reach the level of various kinds.

Soft graphite products compounding material aspect: Japan has studied 6 successful kinds while we only have 3 kinds and 1 still in trial stage.
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Application Value of Different Graphite Products
Chinese graphite products are divided into flake graphite and microcrystalline ink two kinds: flake graphite refers to the natural crystalline graphite, its shape is scaly, is made of crystalline (flake) graphite ore processing, dressing, some purified products; microcrystalline graphite or amorphous graphite has been called clay-like graphene, which refers to a compact aggregate formed by tiny natural graphite crystals, which are processed by the hidden crystalline (earthy) graphite ores, some beneficiation and purification products.

Flake graphite is classified according to the fixed carbon content of high purity graphite, high carbon graphite, medium carbon graphite and low carbon graphite 4 class.

According to the product size, fixed carbon content is divided into 212 grades, high-purity graphite (fixed carbon content greater than or equal to 99.9%) is mainly used for flexible graphite sealing materials, replacing platinum crucible for chemical reagent melting and lubricants base materials;

High carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 94.0%~99.9%) is mainly used in refractory materials, lubricant substrates, brush raw material, electro-carbon products, battery raw materials, pencil materials, fillers and coatings, etcMedium carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 80%~94%) is mainly used in crucible, refractory material, casting materials, casting coatings, pencil materials, battery raw materials and dyes.
Low carbon graphite (fixed carbon content is greater than or equal to 50.0%~80.0%) is mainly used for foundry coatings.

Microcrystalline ink is divided into the requirements of iron and non-iron 2 categories, according to the product fixed carbon content, the maximum size is divided into 60 grades, various brands of graphite products, the appearance of the products must not be visible to the naked eye sawdust, iron filings, stone particles and other debris, products are not contaminated by other impurities, their technical requirements see the table below. Microcrystalline ink in the acid soluble iron content is not greater than 1%, mainly used in pencil, batteries, electrode, graphite emulsion, graphite bearing ingredients and battery carbon rod raw materials, such as the non-ferrous metal, the main application of the micro-crystal ink casting materials, refractories, dyes and electrode paste and other raw materials.
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Why Graphite Products Have Been Widely Used?
High purity graphite, graphite plate, graphite have been widely used in the industry. It is almost used in each industry. In the industry, it is mostly used artifical graphite, that is graphite products. According to molding method, it could be divided into:
1.Isostatic pressing formed graphite, that is three high graphite. But it does not mean that all three high is isostatic pressing.
2.Molded graphite
3.Extruded graphite, mostly are electrode material
Among them, it could be divided into fine structure graphite, median-coarse graphite (general particle size is 0.8mm), and graphite electrode. Lubrication: lubrication performance of graphite is determined by the graphite scales sizes. The large scales is, the lower friction coefficient is and better lubrication performance is.
4.Chemical stability: graphite has excellent chemical stability, acidproof, alkali proof and corrosion resistance to organic solvent.
5.Plasticity: graphite has good resilience.
6.Thermal shock resistance: graphite will not be damaged when used in normal temperature, which could bear dramatic change of temperature.
Graphite took its name from Greek “graphein”, which means use for writting.
Chemical composition: pure composition is seldom. Normally with various purity.
Types: natural elements-non-metal elements-carbon family
Crystal characteristic:
Crystal system and space group: hexagonal system, P63/MMM, cell parameters: a0=0.246nm, c0=0.670nm
Typical layered structure, carbon atoms arranged in layers, each carbon is equidistant from the adjacent carbon, each layer of the carbon by six square ring, the upper and lower adjacent layer of carbon six square rings through the parallel mesh direction of each other displacement and then fold to form a layered structure, the displacement of the azimuth and distance of different causes different types of structure. The distance between the upper and lower layers of carbon atoms is much larger than the carbon in the same layer (the C-C spacing between the layers =0.142nm, the C-C spacing between layers =0.340nm)
Shape: Single crystals are often flaky or plate-shaped, but complete rarely. Aggregates are usually scales like, blocky and earthy;
Color: ironish black
Striation: light black
Luster: half metallic luster
Rigidity: 1-2
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Performance of Supercapacitor Is Determined by Structure of Carbon Electrode Material
Topic: performance of Supercapacitor Is Determined by Structure of Carbon Electrode Material

The French researchers reported that the more irregular carbon materials used to make supercapacitor electrodes, the greater the capacitance of the supercapacitor is and the stronger the ability to withstand high pressure.

Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device, which has the advantages of short charging time, high output power, long life and so on, which can be used for braking energy recovery system of vehicles. Its working principle is based on the interaction between the electrode and the positive anion in the electrolyte, the greater the electrode surface area and the stronger the interaction between the positive and negative ions, the greater the capacitance.

The French National Research Center and the University of Orleans researchers used NMR spectroscopy to quantify the electrostatic effects of electrodes and positive negative ions, the results found that the more irregular structure of carbon electrode materials, the greater the capacitance of the super capacitor, the higher the withstanding capacity of high pressure.
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What Does Graphite Mould Manufacturing Depend On?
People in the industry know already that the characteristics of graphite mould manufacturing has changed to computer auxiliary design type from manual experience design type. Raygroup graphite mould has adopted computer assistive technology, artificial intelligence technology to make decision. Simulation analysis and optimizing design. At the same time, the application of database and computer network technology let designers share design data, information and resources on a large scale and cooperate, which also improve the technology of raygroup graphite mould to a unprecedented height.

Widely use CAD/CAE/CAM technology to integrate graphite mould design, computer analysis, production equipment, CNC machining, testing and mold testing. Designing data directly deliver to each production sectors through network database managing system, which greatly shorten the production cycle of graphite mould. Besides, the formation process computer simulation, concurrent engineering, artificial intelligence rapid prototyping manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing technology applications, as well as graphite mold standardization, specialized production, etc. also play an important role in shortening the supply period.

The manufacturing of our graphite mould mostly depend on higher degree of automation machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. From rough processing of graphite mould, thermal treament to quality control and testing of various precision processing, the machines must be fully equipped and appropriate facilitie. Among them, CNC machining equipment accounts for a major proportion to match with unit or short run mould production. At the same time, CNC machining equipment is the basic of CAD/CAE/CAM, which is beneficial for realizing full automatic processing of graphite mould manufacturing. This is why graphite mould has been widely used.
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Processing Technology of Graphite Products
Today I will talk about the processing technology of graphite products:

Cutting according to the dimensions of drawings; normally, minor factories use portable cutting saw; large factories use bridge type cutting machine or horizontal cutting machine. Cutting must has certain experience. You could not cutting at the corner, which results to badd effect.
Trimming: as we know already, the material opened by cutting must have many uneven places. In order to adhere to smooth, we need to repair the burrs.

Prepare the material need to be bonded
Adjust specific glue; add suitable curing agent to mix evenly
Use clamp to fasten material; pay attention to the direction of clamp


Differed from jade, artifical table-board do not need to be professional and precision polishing. But it still needs to further-processing. Table-board bonding formed already could use angle grinder to repair, then it could be polished. There are many ways for polishing.


The installation of artifical table-board has many kinds. Due to its different applications, it could be used as table-board for kitchen cabinet, bay window, toilet, etc. General steps are as follows:

Adjust the flatness of cabinet
Place the base plate
Place the table-board made already
Clean the site
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Package, Transportation and Storage of Graphite Electrode
Package of graphite electrode:

1. Separate loading: electrode and joint are packed separately and load respectively.

2. Connection type: one side of electrode connects with joints and then ship by container. The function of package: protect the electrode from damage when storage and transportation, specially protect the screw part from damage.

Storage and transportation of graphite electrode:

When swing or transship electrode, be careful to operate to avoid electrode falling down and damage the electrode.
In order to protect the electrode surface and electrode thread, please do not use cleek to hang the two ends of holes of electrode when swing the electrode. You should use special tools. Do not crowbar to prize the end of electrode.
When loading and unloading joints containers, handle with care to avoid bump against the joint and result to the damage of thread.
Please do not put the electrode and joint on the ground. It should be put on the pallet or brandreth to avoide the damage of electrode. For the electrode and joints does not use temporarily, do not remove the package. Be careful to avoide the dust and clutter fall down to the thread or the hole of electrode.
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Oxidation Treatment Process of Graphite Electrode
Electric arc furnace steelmaking and iron alloy electric smelting are normally use graphite electrode. During production, with arc to slag flushing occurs mechanical loss and high temperature in the furnace gas oxygen, oxidizing gases such as carbon dioxide, such as erosion, resulting in surface gradually oxidized electrode wear. And the consumption of the electrodes, oxidation losses account for about 35-45%.

Most of graphtie electrode manufacturers press blanks by various kinds of steps using graphite electrode raw material and process all kinds of specifications of graphite products after graphitization. In electric arc furnace steelmaking and ferroalloy smelting process, due to the oxidation of the electrode, electrode diameter thinning, such as liquid metal electrode broke into, will increase the carbon content of molten metal, the alloy smelting and steel scrap or lower the grades handling. Therefore, the smelter workers to thin diameter electrodes interrupted, so it increases the electrodes consumption, raise the cost of the product. For many years, electrode of smelting workers for an antioxidant, in recent years, some manufacturers test using an electrode against oxidation coatings, electrodes in hopes of slowing oxidation, reducing consumption, but this complex process, high input costs, and the electrode surface is not smooth, poor electrode contact with conductive copper tile, easy to heat shut down job rate.

This invent purpose is to provide a treament technology of graphite electrode oxidation to improve the physical properties of graphite electrode, increase the machinery strength, reducer labor strength of metallurgy workers and improve environment, use less goods and materials to gain better economic effect.
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EDM Graphite Electrode
In Europe, over 90% electrode material is graphite. Once a traditional electrode material with dominant status, the advantage of copper have almost disappeared when comparing with graphite. As spark oil also contains C atom, during dominant position, high temperature results to resolve C atom of spark oil, then becomes protective film on the surface of EDM graphite electrode, which compensates the consumption of graphite electrode.

Advantage of EDM graphite:

1. Faster processing speed. In the normal condition, the speed of graphite mechanical processing is 2-5 times faster than copper and speed of discharging is 3-5 times faster than copper.

2. Material is not easier to deformation. Its advantage is more obvious in the process of thin steel material. Softening point of copper is 1000 degree, which is easy to deformation if suffered by heat. Sublimation temperature of graphite is 3650 degree. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is only one thirty of copper.

3. Lighter weight. The density of graphite is only one fifth of copper. Large electrode could effectively reduce the burden of EDM tool during discharging process. It is more suitable for the application of mould.

4. Less dicharging consumption. As spark oil also contains C atom, during dominant position, high temperature results to resolve C atom of spark oil, then becomes protective film on the surface of EDM graphite electrode, which compensates the consumption of graphite electrode.
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