Had an unpleasant surprise - my favorite money broker XE.com has been bought out and now uses Bank of America to transfer funds to Uruguay. If only I hadn't learned it the hard way.

I've had great luck until now bringing in pesos directly to my pesos account with no need to explain the funds nor any fees.
So imagine my surprise when USD showed up instead. Subject to the usual rigamarole " where did you get this money from" and the more than 40.00 fees on each transaction. Not to mention the losses from going CAD - UYU - USD ! When what I needed was pesos, so now I get to trade them one more time. I was told that it was not an error in the trade that BOA now ONLY sends USD to South America. I can't confirm that's true, but it is what I was told in writing was the reason for the trade not executing as planned.

After two trips to the bank in person and multiple calls from my escribana to a bank official to confirm that what I understood was correct, I was finally able to liberate the funds. However I was told, they would not accept further transfers of my salary from overseas since my proof of income letter states that the contract was up on February 28th. - It's been extended, but now I must get many papers that say that.
I learned that according to some sources (active astrology) this was to be my year of "stamped paper" - I clearly picked the perfect country for it.
I know I had mentioned before that I've had good luck with my direct pesos transfers in the past, but since the peso was declared an "exotic currency" by many of the online money services it's become harder to pull off.
I will be trying my other money broker for the next transaction and will let you know how it works out.
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