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Luke Hoyne

Does the gold from dm rewards equal half the dm xp or half the xp awarded to players?

Quick question regarding cube of force. When the cube blocks "living matter" does this exclude undead? Also what about a flesh golem (construct made of meat)? Also elementals? I'm inclined to say living matter means a naturally alive flesh and blood creature.

Context: my players were using Wave against a vampire and invisible stalker with a flesh golem ally during WPM.

Quick question regarding downtime activities; are players limited to the downtime activities listed in the PHB?

A quick question regarding DM rewards and secret missions. The DM rewards state "DM gains a secret mission for a character" while the player rewards state "completes a secret mission for one character". Does this mean I DM a YP adventure to gain the mission then I need to play through a YP adventure with my character to complete the mission?

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