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Yet another way to connect with author LK Lewis
Yet another way to connect with author LK Lewis

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a conversation about the importance of a Best Friend character in New Adult Literature

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Our discussion is about character building, specifically the importance of a best friend in New Adult Literature

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! Here is Drake's Thanksgiving from Zurich in my book Bending the Rules (Breaking the Rules #2) Want to read more? Here is the purchase link as well!

Chapter 13


I have never really been into holidays like some people. I don’t have fond memories of our family around the table enjoying a beautiful meal, or mornings opening presents under the tree. My father has never been someone to spend quality time with the family, and while my mother was alive, she was usually more sad around the holidays and I spent a majority of my time trying to console her.

The first year after my dad married Gloria, she did try to have big Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. My dad spent the entire day on Thanksgiving watching football. He even went so far as demanding we eat dinner in the theater room so he could watch the game on the big screen even though the dining room table was set.

It was pretty much the same thing on Christmas. A few weeks before Christmas Day, I remember hearing my dad and Gloria arguing in my dad’s office about gifts, and hearing him say, “Just take my damn credit card, get whatever you want and have it gift wrapped. I’m too busy to deal with that shit.” I guess Gloria took his attitude and ran with it, because come Christmas Morning I had never seen so many gifts under one tree, but my dad and Gloria were in such foul moods we didn’t even open a single one.

Sitting in my office today makes me wish I had more of a holiday tradition to cling to. It may be Thanksgiving in the States, but here in Zurich it’s just another Thursday. I’m sure it would have been okay to take the day off, but without anyone else to celebrate it with it’s kind of pointless. There are a few Americans here on staff, but I don’t think any of them need to spend their day off with their boss.

I keep thinking of Morgan today, wondering if she is spending the day with Adrian and his family as well as hers. I had been so looking forward to spending the holidays with Morgan. Of course if I hadn’t become CEO yet we would have had to figure out our own celebrations, just the two of us, but I would have found a way to make it special. I could have attempted to cook a turkey for us complete with all of the traditional fixings, at Christmas I could arrange a sleigh ride through the park and hold her close under a blanket, on New Year’s Eve I could draw her a bath and lounge in the warm bubbles with her while drinking champagne as we count down to midnight.

As I sit here alone at my desk I start to think about Morgan and how even though I will be alone throughout the holidays this year, my hard work and dedication to this company is about to pay off and I’ll have many more years to celebrate with her in the future. I just have to stick it out a few more months. I start to pack my things to head out for the day and a ding sound from my computer alerts me to the two new emails I have just received. The first one is from Grace, my father’s assistant, wishing me a happy Thanksgiving and notifying me that she has arranged for a turkey dinner to be delivered to my apartment promptly at seven this evening. I reply to her and thank her for her thoughtfulness and wish her a happy Thanksgiving as well. The second email almost brings tears to my eyes as hope fills my heart that I will indeed have many happy holidays with the love of my life in the years to come. It’s simply stated, but it says it all:

From: Morgan Lane

Subject: Feeling thankful

Date: November 28, 2013 10:14

To: Drake Baylor Jr.

Dear Drake,

Today and always… I am thankful for you.

I love you.



I close my computer for the day, tidy my desk and leave my office feeling thankful, full of love, and for the first time ever, excited to eat a Thanksgiving dinner.

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This is the final chapter in Andrew and Kami's story. I hope to release this as a novella soon!

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more on Mended by Love
Check out this great book project by +pk hrezo. If you've ever believed written words can change lives, here's your chance to see it in action.

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Get to know the amazing author of Mended by Love, and please consider contributing to her kickstarter campaign!
Author Intro to Mended by Love

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Here is the link to Next Life Love, my short story serial on Wattpad. It is currently a work in progress, but once I'm done, it will be edited and revised into a novella!

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