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Douglas Baker
All-around IT whiz.
All-around IT whiz.

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Wherein cheaters prosper.
The Tallahassee Resistance lead by +Ryan Stokes & +Greg Patterson  put together a ~1M MU op that was taken down by the spoof account dedioved... again. This is so ridiculous. We try to play fair and have a good time, but this really makes most of the Resistance in Tallahassee want to quit playing all together. It's insane. Something MUST BE DONE! +Niantic Project you must do something about this spoof account... IMMEDIATELY! +Ingress +Tallahassee Ingress +NIA Ops 

+Jenifer Patterson +Jacob Yonkel Hutcher +Jason - ProTip +Alexander Stuy +Matt Brock +Super Dave +David Sale +Chris Starnes +Joshua McCoy +Michael Huey 
1/28/15 Op Sniped By Cheater
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Benedict Cumberbatch. The only actor in Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, and Hobbit films. 

He's the new Kevin Bacon.

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First edition Transformers, anyone?
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