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Loving the GS F sport. 4 wheel steering FTW!
View dozens of detailed pictures that accompany our 2012 Lexus GS 350 F Sport article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features.
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EV mode on the interior shot--must be from the Hybrid? I hope it's not another high-beltline design like the IS, but the side-facing interior shot where the beltline is at the top of the steering wheel makes me leery. I can't stand sitting in such cars.
I hope that they implement the 4-wheel-steering better than Nissan did in the 90s for the turbo Z cars.
Looks like they will have an f sport hybrid. Cool. I don't see any reason to think it is like the IS. Proportions aren't the same. As far as 4WS, I'm sure it will be reliable. Lexus rarely does unreliable and it has had 20 years of progress versus the 90s Nissans. 
I'm not so sure the comment was regarding Nissan's Super HICAS being unreliable. Rather, it just didn't work too well, iirc. (My Z32 was unencumbered by Super HICAS as it was a n/a version. Ah, I loved that car.)
The complaints with the HICAS were essentially that it was unnerving when it engaged and disengaged. There were some actual back-to-back tests done with/without HICAS and while the HICAS enabled cars were actually slightly quicker around the track, all of the drivers said they preferred the car with HICAS eliminated because it was more confidence inspiring and they felt that they could more confidently push closer to the limit.
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