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Chris Soares
Jesus, wife, edge, and fun.
Jesus, wife, edge, and fun.

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If anyone hasn't seen this yet I highly recommend watching it. 

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I'm not a DC can buy a long shot but this movie is looking better and better every day. 
I thought that this was that very scene when I saw the trailer, but now there's a visual: Some glorious Internet user mashed the top scene from Man of Steel together with the bottom scene from the Batman V Superman trailer. Looks like Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis at the time that Supes and Zod basically tore the city apart, killing thousands upon thousands of people. I love continuity like this. 
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In honor of #Godzilla #Gfest I'm going to start posting progress pictures of my Godzilla tattoo. I couldn't never afford and display Xplus figures and get all of the ones I wanted. However I have plenty of room on my body for tattoos of godzilla. 
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