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Just wanted to remind +google know that when you killed the homepage last year, you pretty much removed any daily feeds I had from google+. 

Dear #googledoodle picker guy,
Diwali seems like it should have one of the most bestest coolest doodles ever.

anyone have any thoughts on using the #chromebook  as a garage computer?
Something that I can use to read pdf's of service manuals, update some spreadsheets that I use for tracking parts, surfing the message boards for repair faqs, watching youtube tutorials, etc

No high performance stuff, basically the same stuff you would use an ipad for but with more data entry.

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Nice app to learn about the town your in. 

reason #423432 why the android user experience sucks: My phone just updated.  I was thinking, KickAss! I guess I am getting Jellybean!.  Update completes...and it turns out that it is not even an upgrade to ICS but just a patch to make it look more like ICS.   So this phone, which is less than a year old, just got "update" to an OS that is 2 full releases behind.

Google would be well served in developing an "Andriod Approved" program to keep carriers from damaging the brand.

The rise of the word cloud has bugged me more than any other IT phrase in recent history, but today it reached a new level of stupidity.

Voice on the other end of the phone: "I am working out of my desktop cloud"

me: "Oh, you mean you saved the document on your hard drive?"

Dear #gmail product manager,

Please go to the next message and not back to my inbox when I delete an email.  It kills me that #hotmail has a better (or at least more intuitive)  UI and inbox management than you.


it seems MS has given me no choice but to switch back to linux. Despite having a paid copy of Vista that has worked for 2 years, I keep getting notices that it fails authentication.

I am looking for something to use to write up a design doc.
What are some good tools to mock up screens for mobile apps (ios/andriod)? Are there any good free ones?

After 7 years of faithful service my Roomba has passed on to clean that magic carpet in the sky. I will miss you my friend. Rest peacefully and dream of electric sheep.
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