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William “kaictl” Giokas
The Boulder is conflicted.
The Boulder is conflicted.

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Updated the #archwiki page for the T420. Found a fix for the battery restart that was occurring. (I take no credit for it, I just found the forum post.)

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#linustorvalds #linus
Yes. Fuck you, #Nvidia  


But no, really. Bring optimus to Linux. It's a great idea.

Still have space on the ZNC. If you want an IRC bouncer, feel free to ask! 


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If you use irc in your daily life, this is a great opportunity to get a bouncer and never miss anything

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All those of you who thought that gnome 3.x did not allow for very much customization, using Mint 12, the extension manager is just amazing. With it, I am just as comfortable using gnome 3 as I am using gnome 2. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it is true.

Having to remember basic math is harder than people think...

Now awaiting the release of Linux Mint 12 and hoping to see some of the improvements that I have seen in the release candidate implemented in Linux Mint Debian Edition.

Linux Mint is now my distro of choice. Thank you, +Irma Monou and +Yona Gidalevitz. This is so much nicer than having to use Gnome 3/Unity.

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