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Christy Farr
Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom In A Chaotic World
Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom In A Chaotic World

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When Marie Kondo's tidying magic isn't so life-changing for you... I love Kaz's reaction to "Is Home Your Happy Place?" 

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My first book "Is Home Your Happy Place?" is FINALLY here! Well, the Kindle version is (print coming shortly). Would you please take a moment to connect on Goodreads and then share this exciting news! 

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She speaks the truth. 

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Dearest Wild Ones, things are tender here. There are transitions going on in my personal life that I'm not yet ready to talk about, but it all leaves me short on inspiration to share with you here. I'm okay. I'll have more for you soon. 

In the mean time, what I want most is to feel inspired and I'm writing to share something important with you. There are many Wild Ones among us who are in pursuit of a professional dream. Stevie Bryant is one of us and she wants more than anything to become a midwife. The school she wants to attend is offering a special right now that would allow her to attend for only $3000. 

I believe that $3000 is a stupid reason to not live your dream. 

I have nearly 1700 people on this page and while I know that Facebook won't ever allow this post to be seen by all of them, we EASILY have enough interaction here to support our sister in this venture. 

Here is the link:

The timeline is short. We need to act today. I've already donated $50. If you can do more, please do. If you can give $5, that is perfect. Please, do something. 

I would love for this to be a thing that we do here. We'll see how it goes today. 

In love and gratitude, Christy 

P.S. Please share this post in your Wildflower-friendly world. This needs to happen. 

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Spring Feels Hard
The birds are back, or out, or whatever. I’m not really sure which but when they began to sing their songs, I realized the depth of the silence that winter had been for me. The world was around me was frozen solid but it felt like I’d been growing and changing, rooting deeply into the truth of who I am. Or so I thought but now all of this. Spring. Continue reading...

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Regarding Fred Phelps and all of the other people who broke hearts while they were living their human experience…

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My Wild friend Jaime FINALLY got her website up and running. It's fabulous and I'd love it if you check it out. 

Also, that makes today a great day to invite you to share your business here. Once you check out Jaime's site, leave a comment below with a link to your Facebook page or website or other social media. If you don't have those yet, just tell us what you do and how to get in touch with you if we want some. 

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Seeds and Weeds is now on Google+... 
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