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W is for Weather
I've been researching the weather for the places we are going to visit during vacation.  So far, Wyoming is looking fantastic.  The first night we are staying in Wyoming, it is calling for abundant sunshine.  I'm down for abundant sunshine. For Yellowstone,...

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V is for Vacation
That's my whole theme here.  Vacation.  This is how my dumb brain works, I actually was having a hard time thinking of a V word.  So I looked up V words that pertained to vacations.  Guess what the first word was? Other words on that list included: vehicle,...

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U is for Ulimate Must See List for South Dakota
Here is my family's must see list for South Dakota!  We are ready to check off these things! Falls Park in Sioux Falls The Sculpture Walk Sleeping Under the Stars The 1880s Town Badlands National Park Cosmos Mystery Area Hike Black Elk Peak Wall Drug Donuts...

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T is for Town....1880s Town that is....
You know my oldest is all excited about the Ghost Towns, he's just as excited for the 1880s Town. This stop is located about 22 miles west of Murdo, SD.  This town offers a nice stop during our lo...

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S is for Stalker
Wait?  What does this have to do with vacations?  I don't know how much it really does, but I'll be happy that I won't have to deal with it.  Even if it's only for twelve days. Here is my story. Where my house is there are only two other houses in the inter...

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R is for Relaxation
Vacations.  Relaxation. They are supposed to go together.  More and more, I hear, I need a vacation from my vacation.  I don't want our vacation to be like that.  I want us to be, we get there when we get there.  We will still be able to see all the places ...

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P is for Packing
P is for Packing With every vacation comes packing.   With packing comes a list!   I love lists!   So very much so!   Especially when
I check mark something off of that list.   It makes me so gleefully happy. My Camp Kitchen List Plates,
bowls, cups and fla...

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O is for Outdoor Fun
On vacation we are going to be outside….a lot.   A lot of the things we have planned take
place outdoors.   I know I’ve already
blogged about quite a few of our activities; adventure parks, ghost towns and
national parks.   Cooking, tent camping and hiking....

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N is for Nighttime
Vacation.    The
nighttime during vacation.   Nighttime will be filled with campfires, star gazing and
visiting a few places that are amazing in the dark.   I already blogged about the nighttime at
Devils Tower we are excited for. We will be visiting Crazy ...

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Happy Easter!
Once upon a time, I was the cute little girl in the background with the bunny ears.  Once upon a time, my grandpa was a funny character who puts paper bags over his head.  I found this picture at my moms house and I love it so much. Happy Easter friends!  I...
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