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T-man spelled crummy. I guess he still feels "crummy". He spelled this word a year or so ago when he didn't feel good. I just love it! I wish he could spell and communicate more. It's the first time he has spelled a word to communicate in over a year.  My h...

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I am heartbroken when he is sick! There is nothing that can describe taking care of a 6 1/2 year old when he is sick and can't communicate to you! It is so gut wrenching and heartbreaking!

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Since I was able to be with Trenton at his lunch time today at Harsha, I took Andrew out to lunch after preschool today before we picked up Trenton.  He had a lot of questions about Valentine's Day. I told him what it was, etc. Therefore, I thought I would ...

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Trenton's ABA
Below is a link to a great article on the importance of parent involvement in their child's ABA therapy. Parent involvement is important because it helps to ensure that the behaviors learned generalize into the home environment and that everyone is using th...

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Attitude, the position you decide to take toward life, circumstances, people, and absolutely everything! I have heard coaches and teachers tell kids before, "You need to get an attitude check." Sadly, a lot of people need to get some "attitude checks." Don'...

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I understand
The other day I was in a waiting room with Trenton and he was having a very rough time. I am sure many of you who are parents of children with autism understand how challenging waiting and being out in public can be! Anyway, we were waiting in the waiting r...

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In case you missed this article on my Facebook page, I thought I would share it here. It is a really great article!!

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The boys and I survived another weekend! (Well almost survived because I guess its not really over yet.)  In my life I have heard people say over the years that they have "cabin fever" during a snow storms, etc. Well, if you have ever felt that way....all I...

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My Birthday Gift
Andrew may have some challenges in his life due to his high
functioning autism but he has a big heart just like his Momma:) The
first thing on the morning of my birthday (Wednesday) when I went to wake him up he said, "Moochies,
it's February one. It's y...

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Introduction time!
I have so many new followers! Thank you so much! I like to introduce myself from time to time so all my new followers know exactly who I am. Tonight, I want to do that while I give you a little history on myself:) I am a soon to be 36 year old autism mom to...
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