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Why taking so long? Also I bet it will have Google Wallet on it. Also I mostly just want #ICS on my curent GS2
Can it come to T-Mobile, or should I just get Verizon?
+Taylor Bell, you should the Verizon. faster LTE will surely stify you over AT&T's HSPA+ "4G". Trust me on this one.
Definitely, I just have to wait out my contract.
well, hurry up, because Big Red's offering 4GB for only 30 bucks. or, i think you can go to the store and get unlimited still.. I don't know.
At this point the excitement is gone. Bring on the quadcore high end android phones.
Sure, ICS is great, but I'm a windows phone fan, and thats available on every network ;)
windows phone is sick. I do like it. I just prefer ICS. But yeah, windows has a lot of good things going there way. Can't wait to see how it matures.
Left android long ago for windows phone. I enjoy it more now. 
Soft. Canada got the phone last month.
Galaxy nexus is an okay phone. The Samsung build quality is so cheap. Google should have went back to HTC or do a Motorola built phone, since they do own motorola.

Hey I want a help from you.
I am in a big confusion, that whether i should buy a Google Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 (7")
I like google nexus 7 but don't want to loose features like voice calling, camera and storage which samsung has..
So what should I buy.?
Please Help..!!
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