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To my Google +ers, we'll have some exclusive leaks hitting tomorrow early afternoon. Should be fun!
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Yess! i love your videos! Go Lakers! LA boundd
Awesome. I'm excited for some new buzz in the tech world!
+John Fick I just heard that iPhone pre-orders will begin September 29th/30th & will be available on Oct. 7th or 14th, so maybe that's what it is!
Can't wait!!! TechnoBuffalo FTW
Omar H
Let me guess, Iphone 5 will be exclusive to Sprint and run at 4G speeds.
I highly doubt it will even service sprint. I do hope it runs on att 4g, though
Omar H
Why not ?? My HTC EVO 4G on sprint has been the best phone I've ever had. And the 4G speeds I get are pretty nice. An Iphone 5 on Sprint would be great.
Yeah, it would, but apple will probably stick to AT&T and Verizon this year, especially since rumor has it that apple will make it's own network, which I hope is 4G.
where are the leaks Jon, where are the leaks?
Anyone want to bet it's not an iPhone 5 rumor ? I'm thinking a Blackberry leak, Jon always seems to get on them.
Two days later and still no announcement? 
Are you just some guy who wants a lot of people on his google+ page so you can make money by adds, because I don't think your John Retinger
It's been over a week. Are you the real Jon Rett, or are you just an advertiser? We're not believing it, dude. If you guys want leaks, go somewhere else, because this guy's got nothing.
he is fake look at his intro of his about jon is primarily a geek he used to be a nerd with a camera now he is a geek with a camera
When are they coming?
They're not coming. This dude is a fake. Unless he died and kept making yt vids as a zombie and forgot about the leaks, which I highly doubt
why are we still on this? nothing going to happen.
What jon? This isn't Jon. This is over. Let's get on with our normal lives and never look back at this again.
He's not a fake because theres a link on the technobuffalo website which leads to his profile

If so, then why Isn't he saying anything? None of his posts are even that intelligent. Anyone could do that, and about the site, they could be misinformed
Remember his caring a blackberry now, so we´ll have to be a little patient, we trust some day it will load up the site :P
You still think that? Just because Jon is in Europe, it doesn't mean he can't post a leak. It's been three weeks now. Nothings going to happen
I love jons tegra zone pack Asus eee pad transformer 
Almost 2 months later, nothing ! LMAO
Jon when are you gonna start updating your G+ now that it's open to the masses?
News flash,people. He's not there. He must have abandoned his g+.
i hate weekends when there's hardly any new news lol!
Hey Jon, wanna talk tech with a fan sometime?
it seens like you abandoned google +, sir
hey jon what do u like better twitter or google+
He obviously like facebook better since he's abandoned G+
He's not going 2 if he hasn't in over a month he won't
dude Tim.
stop telling crap about Jon he just abandond his plus
Thanks for the honesty in the reviews of products. I appreciate the negatives as well as the positives to be highlighted because I feel I can make a better decision as to what I can and cannot live with.
Is it about the iPhone 5? But either way I live you vids and all tech stuff XD
Need some way, to like... set up my phone to automatically start playing your live feeds and videos. Like an event setting or something.
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