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BTK: access to Youtube continues to prevent
Golbasi, Ankara Court and the Criminal Court decided yesterday evening the Telecommunications Communication Presidency access to Youtube obstacles to Peace and forming reason of the decision of the Criminal Court, there is no provision in that judgment, was...

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Touch-screen devices, the new threat!
Touch-screen devices, the new threat! Touch an Android or jailbreak with the iPhone, if you are using this new threat may bother you! A security researcher, and by malicious people to touch-screen mobile devices to show what they can do, for example, has de...

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Offline messaging application FireChat now on Android
Two weeks ago, the opening of the App Store that makes FireChat , throughout the world in a short time is a pretty intense interest. It also deserves because FireChat, an internet connection, without the need for a free and messaging, as it has the potentia...

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Facebook Messenger, phone calls is no longer possible
Facebook Messenger, and updated the voice dialing function, the scope was broadened. The latest version of the application together with the previously operating in Canada and the united states's voice is introduced in more to the point. facebook-messenger-...

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Adsense Boomerang Blog Theme Is Compatible
In the market enough to contact Google Adsense has Hurriyet Boomerang blog theme is compatible or not, or how little more than a handful. Accordingly, I nearly 2 hours as a result of a Ligge the blog theme. Hope you like it, to benefit your business. Wordpr...

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Apple Shazam the song of the system to detect the ios, you can integrate
Apple Shazam the song of the system to detect the ios, you can integrate According to a report by bloomberg, the Apple of iPhone and iPad owners ios devices by tapping the microphone, to find song, music will detect the property is set to add. Apple, who cl...

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Google web page that uses encryption can improve the ranking of
Google web site that uses encryption to a higher ranking in the search results assesses the idea of giving. Thus, servers, data under lock and key, input and output on getting the web site is intended to promote. Although the fate of this idea is uncertain ...

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Your Site Adsense ?
Google Adsense Site, blogunuza ve aşağıda yazılan size bilgileri okuyarak kendinizi test edebilirsiniz, olmadığını belirlemek için Adsense içerik reklam gösterimleri için. Senin sorunlarına uygulamak için Adsense durumunu kontrol etmek ve analiz etmek onun ...

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