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Carolanne Wright
Health and Wellness Writer, Nutritionist and Natural Food Chef
Health and Wellness Writer, Nutritionist and Natural Food Chef
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I have to admit, I’ve always had a fascination with shortcuts to higher levels of consciousness and have shamelessly embraced technology to this end. A veteran in all manner of brain wave entrainment soundtracks, I’ve found some work better than others for increasing creativity, focus and learning; supporting meditation and calming an overactive mind, as well as promoting sound sleep.

#brainwaves #entrainment

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An estimated 22 million Americans are battling some form of autoimmune dysfunction, 78 percent of whom are women — and the numbers are rising. The occurrence of autoimmune disorders has nearly tripled over the last four decades.

Even so, there's hope. Many have discovered mind-body practices can have a powerful impact on healing and overall quality of life. Here's how.

#autoimmune #naturalremedies #meditation #mindfulness

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As we now know, cannabis has a wide-range of healing attributes and has been used successfully for seizures, cancer, chronic pain and much more. With leaky gut syndrome, researchers have found cannabinoids act as an antioxidant, minimize intestinal permeability and also reduce nausea, inflammation, as well as the associated pain response.

#leakygut #autoimmunedisorders #CBD 

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Chinese Taoist Bone Breathing Technique Rejuvenates the Blood, Bones and Immune System, Reduces Stress

#bonebreathing #immunity #osteoporosis #stress 

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Fibromyalgia can severely disrupt daily life, work and relationships, especially since anxiety and depression are close companions of the disorder. To make matters worse, medical science hasn’t been able to offer much in the way of effective treatment. Until now.


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Experts predict climate change induced drought and flooding, heightened waterway contamination and increased population will stress the planet’s water supply — to the point where wars and civil unrest over the valuable resource will become widespread.

We're already seeing examples of it today.

This is why a low-cost, wind-powered invention — that harvests up to 10 gallons of clean water a day from thin air— is causing such a stir.

#water #sustainability #drought #war

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After a holiday season filled with chocolate, copious red wine and even a christmas cookie or two, I was slammed with a series of migraine headaches — while also enduring ongoing nausea, depression and extreme fatigue for several days. The aftermath shouldn’t have come as any great shock. What might be surprising is the reason why: histamine.

#histamine #allergy #foodintolerance #depression #anxiety #migraines

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New Aviation Technologies Could Reduce Airline Pollution by 75 Percent and Slash Fuel Consumption in Half

According to The New York Times, for most people, “air travel is their most serious environmental sin”. A round-trip flight from New York to Europe or San Francisco, for example, creates a polluting effect “equivalent to 2 or 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person. The average American generates about 19 tons of carbon dioxide a year; the average European, 10.”

#sustainability #ecofriendly #travel #pollution 

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If engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have anything to say about sustainable energy, we may soon be generating electricity by the simple task of walking. The ultimate in green design, the team has developed a unique flooring which harnesses footstep energy, while also using a completely renewable and economical material. #sustainability #greenenergy

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“Fad diets aside, we all know the basic formula for greater physical health — eat less junk and exercise more. The same can be said for greater happiness. Sure, mental health is hugely complex, but the research on how to promote basic, day-to-day well-being couldn’t be clearer — just cultivate gratitude.” ~Jessica Stillman in “Gratitude Physically Changes Your Brain, New Study Says” #gratitude #health #happiness

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