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Sean Nash
All things toward a student-centric future...
All things toward a student-centric future...

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I like this little video annotation/ light assessment tool. I learned a thing or two here.......

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Participating in a panel here pretty soon with the good folks at Michigan State's MaET program...

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(Testing TACKK for simple and quick sharing tasks.)

This slide deck was used to support a professional learning session during Summer Academy 2014 in the North Kansas City School District...

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Too cool......

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I just found this link to my photo (the bottom one) where I was soaking in the tidepools of Pacific Grove one summer. And just like that....   I have some new books to check out.  ;)

Greetings, Kansas-Citians. I am happy to say I am now fully a "member" of that group as well (recently relocated to Parkville area). I am currently in my second year as District Instruction Coordinator in the North Kansas City School District. My previous position was District Instructional Technology Specialist in St. Joseph.

I am committed to helping align and improve the entire academic ecosystem for both staff and students, from curriculum and instruction to assessment, to modern tools for connected learning and especially the professional development experiences that support growth in each of these areas.

Looking forward to having one more way to connect with those of you I already know, as well as those I have yet to meet.

All the best,


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Just finished this one...   

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Here, this is better. I just found this little "animation" in my photos here. I use Flickr for photos so I rarely look in here. Pretty cool.
Animated Photo

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Whoa…  I just noticed this. I use Flickr for photos, so I rarely look here.

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Cheryl is a great artist and a great friend of education. See here: …someday I'll have to visit the studio/gallery in person!
CheryLynn Art Studio and Gallery is open in beautiful downtown Ft. Pierce, FL.  If you can't get here, browse the Online Gallery at
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