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Most parents have still not come to terns with AD-HA. I hope with this post we can watch out for these signs and help a child early .

Most Montessori materials help any child with AD-HA to attain some level of attentiveness.

If you have a child with any of these symptoms. Be rest assured that with the right approach, it can be resolved early.
Teachers and parents of teens and young adults with ADHD: What's the deal with Type 1 ADHD (Predominantly Inattentive Type)?

*Misses details and easily distracted.
*Gets bored easily.
*Moves slowly and appears to be daydreaming.
*Loses pencils, paper, and other items needed to complete tasks.
*Processes information slowly and less accurately than others.

Classroom Strategies

*Create a positive attitude with initial success.
*Seat away from the windows.
*Use worksheets/create outlines to organize information.
*Give instructions one at a time, repeating as necessary.

#ADHD #behavior

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The past tells us where we are coming from but today is another opportunity to right our wrongs and continue the rights we are doing...
A reminder from Ralph Waldo Emerson to stay present in each day.

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this was really helpful and solved the memory problem i have been facing. thank you for this post.
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