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Ivar Choi Espedalen
I am looking for new friends and interesting discussions. So feel free to contact me! Or join me in a Hangout :O)
I am looking for new friends and interesting discussions. So feel free to contact me! Or join me in a Hangout :O)


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Do you have YouTube Premium/YouTube Music?
I have now used YouTube Premium for about 3 weeks, and I love it.
YouTube Music included, and no advertising is some examples which makes it worth it.
YouTube Music suprised me in a positive way, and my personal music recommendation is really good.
I must say that I enjoy this service.

So, yes indeed, sometimes it is worth to pay for a service. The free version is not always the answer.

What is your opinion and experience with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music?

Read more regarding YouTube Premium here:

#tipoftheday #recommendation #youtube #youtubepremium #youtubemusic #music #question
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Are you interested in music or do you love to listen to music?
Here is a music recommendation from
me to you!
Right now I'm listening to my latest addition to my personal CD collection.
The music album from Angelina Jordan Astar is called "It's magic" ( 2018, Forsvarets stabsmusikkorps) , and is a recorded together with The Staff Band Of The Norwegian Armed Forces.

The music album from Angelina Jordan Astar is an amazing jazz music album from a 12 year old girl.

I first discovered Angelinas talent and voice when she first participated in Norway's got talent
2014, when she was 7 and 8 years old.
I still remember that I was shocked in a positive way, and I have ever since that time waited for this moment where she released her own music CD album.

If you love to discover new music or jazz, you should consider to buy this music album.

I have never been interested in the jazz music genre , but Angelina's interpretations of old jazz music classics has "opened my eyes" for that kind of music for sure, and in a way "touched me".

Here is a quote from the CD booklet:
"The final result is an album travelling through a
golden era of songs immortalized by legends
like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Milton,
James Brown , Tom Jones, Charles Aznavour,
Frank Sinatra Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and Andy
Williams. Agelina interprets the songs in her own
way and they are all specially arranged for her
deep voice and expression.(...)".

Is the music artist Angelina Jordan unknown
to you?
Here is some performances by Angelina Jordan:

For more information regarding Angelina Jordan
Astar, visit her website:

You can buy Angelina's album "It's Magic" at, , and*


#angelinajordan #angelinajordanastar #music #musicalbum #musictip #musiceveryday #musicrecommendation #tipoftheday #jazz #pop #norwaysgottalent #ngt #musiccd
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Once upon a time Google+ had a feature named Hangouts on air , which was probably the closest you would get to the term " social" in social medias.
+Daria Musk share her story at TEDx talks.
This is a video which is worth to watch.
I still remember the old Hangout on Air concerts.
Do you?
For those of you who don't remember, here is some old videos from some of Daria's hangout concerts:

And of course the Google+ song "+1 Me":

#dariamusk #googleplus #gplus #hangoutonair #hoa #tedx #tipoftheday
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YouTube Music and YouTube premium anyone?
Yes indeed! This looks promising !

"While on the surface, YouTube Music may seem no different than any other music streaming service on the market, it will possess some unique features.

Multimedia expert Dr Steve Collins said one
point of difference between YouTube Music and Spotify is access to ‘value added’ content such
as remixes, live performances and cover
versions that do not feature in
Spotify’s catalogue.

He said YouTube’s service also allows users to
search by describing a song or typing in lyrics,
as well as by album, artist or
song title – courtesy of Google’s search data.
“No other company has really gotten into music video like YouTube has, so it’s a direct land grab
before Spotify or Apple start to move in that direction,” Dr Collins said."
( )

Read more about YouTube Music and YouTube premium here:

#Youtubemusic #Youtube #youtubepremium #google #goodtoknow #tipoftheday #musiceveryday #music #spotify
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Tysnesfest 2018 - Festival Program
Are you interested in music , culture, or to travel?

The music and culture festival Tysnesfest , has
published this year Festival program (11.07 - 15.07.2018).
The festival program is printed in norwegian , but you can also use Google translate if you want to read the program.
You can find the link to the Tysnesfest 2018
program here:

Here is some more information and videos regarding Tysnesfest :

#tysnesfest #tysnesfest2018 #tysnes #sunnhordland #norway #musicfestival #traveldestination #norgerundt #festival #tipoftheday #summer2018
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Are you a Google Local guide?
Do you like to travel, shop, visit new
places, restaurants, etc.?
Do you know about a great place to visit in your neighbourhood or home town ?

If you answered yes to one of these
questions, then this update is be worth to
take a closer look at!

Here is a nice Google Local Guides tip from +Mike Downes wich may be useful and worth to check out when you use Google maps.

Share your opinion, experience, your local
knowlege, local photos, and write your reviews
to the world!
Join +Google Local Guides and become a Local Guide!

You can find more information
regarding +Google Local Guides here:

Join the community, share your
knowledge, photos, and write reviews!

+Mike Downes

#googlelocalguides #localguides #local #googlelocal #goodtoknow #googlemaps #gmaps #google #tipoftheday #worthtoread
Google Maps Local Guides Mobile Photos Sort by Views In this video you'll learn how to find the Google Maps Android photos sort by views button. Very useful if you are a Google local guide and wishing to keep track of the photos and how many times they have been seen on Google Maps.

As always this button made been here for a while but first time I've seen it similarly it's possible to check and sort photo views on maps desktop as it has always been.
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Here is some pictures from Kjevikjo, Uggdal at the island Tysnes, Norway, 18.05.2018.
Kjevikjo is a nice place to visit if you love sun bathing or relax in nice nature surroundings...
pictures is taken with my Samsung GS7+ mobile phone

#tysnes #norway #norge #norgerundt #visitnorway #sunnhordland #hordaland #mobilephonephotos #mobilephonephoto
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Happy birthday Norway!
Hurra for 17 mai!
Today  it is Norway's national day (17 May)!

Happy birthday Norway!

#norway #norge #nationalday #scandinavia #happybirthday
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Ylvis - "I'm Sober"
This Ylvis video deserves more views for sure!
Ylvis shows once again that they master comedy and music...
I think this video can be placed on my top 5 Ylvis videos.

#ylvis #storiesfromnorway #petternorthug #comedy #music #tipoftheday #worthwatching
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Street art
Bergen, Norway 23.04.2018
Here is some mobile phone photos of some street art I saw today in Bergen city centre.

#Bergen #bergensiana #norway #norge #norgerundt #streetart #troll #mobilephonephotos #mobilephonephoto
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