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Steve Mulcahy
I play with computers for work!
I play with computers for work!

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Hello Halo
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Dug out the Nook Color and installed CyanogenMod 10.1 on my SD card. Think I might try to sell the surface rt, Jelly Bean has a good combination of design and apps now!

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When a player can make a meal out of an injury:

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After the snowy weather we've had, I thought I'd take a few photos before I rinsed her off. Hopefully I'll be able to do a full detail soon!
Dirty Horse
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2 Periods done, Islanders are playing some great hockey, but so is Lundqvist!

OK, so I'm not happy with phone contracts here in the US. Has anybody here tried something like this?

Port phone number to Google Voice
Get a Nexus 7 with 3G (something like T-Mobile's $35/monthly 3.5GB plan (I didn't even know the Nexus 7 came with 3G until just today) and a Bluetooth Headset
Use Google Voice for phonecalls and SMS.

Eventually replacing the Bluetooth headset with Google Glass...

I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab (the original 7") back in the UK with GiffGaff and it was pretty good (except for Touchwiz).

Top Gear really has some amazing camera work.

#ifihadglass  I'd find a way of getting it on my cat so I can see his view of the world. Much more interesting than a human. Although he'd probably disappoint me and just sit there and clean his balls.

I'm beginning to think that a Nexus 7 with LTE and Google Glass could be the way ahead

I totally would've hosted a hangout while I ate a plum just now #ifihadglass  
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