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Maya 2018 Time Editor Batch import fbx
I'm doing a thing that requires the import of multiple FBX files into the Time Editor.  The time editor is this sort of non-linear animation editing system that's now available in Maya.  If this plan work  out, I will need to import about 200 animation file...

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Character design
Let's continue to design a character for an animated series.
#adobecharacteranimator #adobe #characterdesign

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Pencil 2D tutorials
Watch as I stumble through some animation blocking in Pencil 2D. This time @Jack_Septic_Eye is the victim.
#animation #pencil2d @pencil2d #jacksepticeye #jacksepticeyefanart

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Adobe Character Animator

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A dark force grips the worlds most beloved YouTube channel. Only one can save us all.
These are all original assets (except for Animal Super Squad ) which I pulled together in about 20 hours to hit the deadline for the PewDiePie fan art contest.
I'm learning to play Shakuhachi flute and thought I would offend your senses with that solo at the beginning.
I actually play Animal Super Squad using the Edgar Puppet which shows my real time reaction to the game.

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