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WOW.....I wanna keep some of those in my purse!
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Only problem is: it probably would buy a loaf of bread!
"aww I only brought one hundred trillion dollars. Guess I can get a small snack"
hey what is that it's ruppee or anthoer one
Lol very funny : ) just a bit scary as South Africa is headed down the same path unless people shine up smell the coffee.
The consensus that hyperinflation is bad is well founded. It causes the currency to deflate at such a rate that holding liquid assets results in huge losses, so gaining capital to buy and sell things always results in huge losses.
The only way to solve a problem caused by overspending is to carefully reduce spending and dependence on borrowed money, not pretend you have more money.
That was careless austerity far too late made worse by civil unrest. most of the problems in Europe are caused by their wasteful ways and entitlement. Strikes and protests are worse for the economy than announcing future cutbacks in government pensions.
The best way to prevent that is to spend within your means, not borrow so much money you can't pay it back.
Affecting inflation takes at least two years, so printing money after you've entered a recession is like waiting to hit a tree before turning your steering wheel. The effects of the governments action on the great depression have been under debate for quite some time. Bernanke's opinions on macro economics are big government focused and unproven. Japan has already rejected quantative easing as ineffective.
it causes short term relief and a quick stimulus but in the end real people's wages don't increase enough to keep up with the artificial inflation. big companies that get the printed money are fine but the middle and lower income people aren't producing more, so there's no reason to give them wage increases
must be heaps of billionaires in that country. :-)
this was printed during a period of inflation, they are no longer in existence
piece of paper is of no use without a value
Class! I never knew that you could get notes over 500!
I think fifteen trillion. Google isn't clear
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