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This kid is awesome.

Hello world from my first android phone! #s3 #goidbyeiphone

I love that g+ uploads all my photos and videos from my phone smart!! high five g+!

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ahhhh i want to buy these...SO cute!!!!

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YES, anyone have any suggestions for us?!
What are the good eateries in Maui? Already booked reservations for Mama' Fish House.

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haha this is awesome.

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ai yai yai..just spent an hour and a half organizing all my computer files! hopefully i can keep them organized for a while =P

I wish more people would post on G+ so I'd have more stuff to read....=/

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I thought this was a pretty interesting/funny video about Google+ :) Found it on Don Miller's blog:

What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?
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