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Fujifilm has grown into a global corporation serving consumer and business markets.
Fujifilm has grown into a global corporation serving consumer and business markets.

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ATT: Fujifilm Photographers...

X-Pro1, X-T1, X-T10, X-E2, X-E1, X-M1, X-A2, X-A1, XF50-140mm will have a brand new firmware update! (Scheduled for release on 29 October 2015).

In preparation for the free firmware update here's a guide to show you how to update your camera or lens.

Remember to share this article to everyone you know who owns one the cameras mentioned above.

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Announcing the Fujifilm Australia X Series Cash Back

Fellow photographers and prospective Fuji fans: Starting TODAY, we will be promoting our Cash Back programme for all X-T1 and X-T10 camera models AND a select number of Fujinon XF lenses from now until 3 January 2016.

Follow this link for more information and online registration. +1, share and tag a friend to spread the word!

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3 Things To Think About Before You Press The Shutter Button

When you step outside to chase the light, or you find yourself looking through the viewfinder in a studio there's three things we recommend you think about before you press the shutter button. 

Composition being the first is key to a great photo. For those who don't know, composition is essentially the aesthetic alignment of objects that will create your final image and it's this technique that will draw in the viewer to your photograph. A common phrase used in photography when talking about composition is the Rule of Thirds. A good or great composition will align main objects / subjects in your photograph to imaginary horizontal and vertical third lines within the frame. Composition does come naturally for some, however it's something that can also be taught if you don't have the natural ability to see what will work...

Read more -

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In this article you'll find some general tips on how to avoid camera shake that don't involve using a tripod. 

What do you do to avoid camera shake?

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Dear Fujifilm,
I’m in love with the X-T1 and the upcoming firmware update set for release
this month.
Anonymous ;)

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“Take me back to the good times…”

(photo by @biancaholderness)

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“While I see my cameras as the tools of my trade, there is something about the Fuji that makes me want to use it. Not only are they light in weight, but the quality that they can deliver is

John Miskelly from Fuji Love shares why he chooses to include #Fujifilm in his travel kit:

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Question: What Fujifilm body and lens combination would YOU personally recommend to a novice photographer? Where should those new to the Fujifilm system start?

Share with us!
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“How can a camera make you fall in love?”

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