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Greetings everyone,

Spring has sprung, May is here, and there is certainly no protest over the great weather we have been having in the Bay Area the past few days!

As temperatures become notably warmer, we would like to share with you Mother Nature's exemplary beauty stemming from this winters rain showers with this vibrant display of May flowers.

This month's calendar features the Super Bloom in California's Central Valley. A wet winter and other seasonal fluctuations fueled an explosive bloom in the remote valley east of San Luis Obispo known as the Carrizo Plain National Monument. This particular image taken by Tayler, illustrates the vivid wildflowers spanning across the vast landscape of the Caliente Range east of Santa Maria. Soda Lake can seen is the distance toward the north, and the expansive blooms extend as far as the popular western slope of Temblor Range in San Joaquin County.

Sun seekers started flocking to the area in late March for the opportunity to witness and photograph such a unique pallet of color that seems to endlessly blanket the hills and carpet valley floor.

Have a great May!

The 111th Group
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Hi everyone,

From October 1 through Halloween on October 31, Uesugi Farms in Morgan Hill, CA turns into one of the most popular and beautiful Pumpkin Parks in the world. Uesugi Farms offers train rides, hay rides, getting lost in a corn maze , acres of pumpkins of all sizes, beautiful flowers, a gift shop and photo opportunities from the air and on the ground.

The park also has its annual pumpkin weigh in. In 2015, the world record heaviest pumpkin won the contest at the Pumpkin Park with a 2,032 lb pumpkin from Napa, CA.

We fly right over the park on almost every flight and the colors are amazing. On the day we took this 2015 photo, cars were backed up for more than a mile to bring families to this lovely seasonal treat.

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The 111th was featured in the most recent issue of the Silicon Valley Business Journal for providing an image of the new Nvidia building!

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Hi everybody,

The image this month was taken by Julie on one our Las Vegas trips. We are looking South toward Lake Mead, and we are about 20 miles East of Nellis AFB. It is late in the afternoon and we are near the "magic hour". The magic hour, or golden hour, is when the sun is low either in the first hour after sunrise or the last hour prior to sunset. It is a great time to get long shadows that are not too harsh, gorgeous warm colors, and less glare from high sun angles that often mute colors and blow out the whites. The overall colors tend to be redder and softer.

We take these trips every month to shoot solar farms around Vegas, Blythe, Palmdale, and in the San Joaquin Valley.

Keep cool and have a great August

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Hi everyone,

Several years ago we had a picture of the Lick observatory after a snow as a calendar. We figured that it's time to see it from a different perspective. Tayler was flying nearby and noticed the observation door was open, which it rarely is during the day. Upon closer inspection, there is someone working on the door rail system, which gives you some idea of the scale.

This building houses the 120 inch reflector telescope, completed in 1959. Interestingly, light pollution in the San Jose area limited the usefulness of the telescope, but there was inadequate funding to move the facility to another site. In 1980, San Jose initiated a transition from low-pressure sodium lights that were the offenders, and then more recently the lighting has been upgraded again to LED's. This has made the telescopes viable again.The University of California announced in 2014 of its intentions continue to financially support Lick Observatory.

There is a very nice visitor center and tours, but the road to get there is a bit hazardous, so be careful.

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Summer is hot on our heels as temperatures have been soaring toward triple digits here in the Bay Area. The sudden warm up this week gives us the perfect opportunity to feature this month's scorching photo taken above California's high desert.

On a recent flight, we had the opportunity to land at the Mojave Air and Space Port. Upon arrival, we quickly realized, it is not just another desolate airstrip in the middle of desert, but, rather a piece of history that happens to be home to one of the aircraft graveyards on the West Coast. On a remote corner of the airfield, Mojave has become the final destination for thousands of commercial aircraft for many decades. From various generations of 747s, to Tri-Jets, biz-jets, and even some classic fighters, some aircraft may be parked for short term storage but most have retired from service and are being parted out or scrapped.

The Mojave Air and Space Port has evolved tremendously since its opening in 1935. A small rural airfield that once served the gold and silver mining industry, has today, emerged as the leading aerospace test center for commercial operations in North America. In 2004, the airport became "America's First Inland Spaceport." The National Test Pilot School, one of the only accredited civilian test pilot centers in the U.S. is also located on the field.

There are many tenants at Mojave playing a vital role in the Aerospace Industry. One of the most notable is Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites, which is well known for the development and journey of the Model 76 Voyager and SpaceshipOne. In 2005, Rutan joined forces with Richard Branson to create The Spaceship Company to build a fleet of WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo reusable space-transports to support the Virgin Galatic human spaceflight program.

As we piled in the airplane to continue our journey home, we even got to witness the high altitude flying Scaled Composites Proteus return from a mission and taxi back to base. If that wasn't exciting enough, as we headed for the runway, a friendly voice from the tower informed us that to our right was the last flying Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, the "Stargazer" - the mother ship that carries the Pegasus Rocket.

If you're drivin' or flyin' by, I would highly recommend you to explore Mojave.

P.S. The chili at restaurant is good too! Even on a hot day.

Have a great June,

Download your calendar using the links below

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Hi everyone,
Sorry for the delay! This month I figured we would take one more look at a place that is a little chilly, as we transition into warmer weather. Last August, Julie and I were in Alaska and were commissioned to shoot Anchorage from a helicopter. After we finished the job, we flew East about 50 miles to the Knik glacier, and landed on it.
This glacier is one of the largest in Alaska, with the ice field measuring over 25 miles long and over 5 miles wide. Because of its proximity to Anchorage and its accessibility by boat, air-boats, all terrain vehicles, and aircraft, it is one of the most popular visitor attractions, as glaciers go. However, we had the whole place to ourselves that day. We did not even see another person nearby, just one solitary moose.
We have a special surprise coming for next month; call it our "Spring Calendar", so stay tuned.
Please have a great April,

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Hi everyone,

The other day Julie and I stopped in at Half Moon Bay to get a bite to eat. Lovely place. A short walk from the helicopter to town on a well worn path, to a long line of people (at least 1 hour wait) trying to get into a popular, pub...unless you happen to get the secret from someone else heading out to their airplane. They told us to just walk into the bar, plenty of tables, no wait, same food and service. It was great!

Upon leaving, we flew down the coast for several minutes, but did not have enough fuel remaining to go all the way to Santa Cruz, so we went past the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and turned for San Martin. 

Probably most of you have stayed here, with rooms starting at a mere $540 a night, but Julie and I have not. (One more thing we might want to do after we hit the lotto). They have a luxury golf resort with two 18 hole ocean front courses. Built in 2001, this Georgian Revival style hotel with the Ritz-Carlton brand has become one of the premier destinations in Northern California.

We'll get some ground shots when we stay there.....haha.

Have a great March!

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Hello everyone and Happy February!

This month we decided to feature Levi's Stadium, this years host of Super Bowl 50! 

Levi's Stadium began construction in April of 2012 and we were there taking pictures on the ground and from the sky every month until it's completion in September of 2014. 

Whoever you're rooting for on Sunday, we hope you have a great time watching the game, half time and of course, the commercials!

We hope you enjoy the view and have a fantastic February!

Download your calendar (wide or normal dimensions) using the link below.

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Hi everybody,

Well, Niki did it again. I get stuck with all the boring samo-samo flights, and Niki gets these cool opportunities to get stunning shots like this one of SFO. She will tell you it was "cool" alright. She was in an R-22 with the door off, with a large camera, 6 pound gyro attached, and the flight was over 2 hours, at 35 degrees! Very COOL indeed. I'm surprised she could hold the camera steady enough to get this great image. Very nice, Niki.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Many interesting and challenging projects along with the normal stuff that keeps the lights on.

We hope you also have "COOL" things in your life that keep you getting up early and enjoying your days.

Below are the links to January's Calendar.

Happy 2016!!!
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