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Christel Van den Broeck
"Not much longer shall we have time for reading lessons of the past. An inexorable present calls us to the defense of a great future." - Henry Luce
"Not much longer shall we have time for reading lessons of the past. An inexorable present calls us to the defense of a great future." - Henry Luce

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3 minutes of worldpeace

Thursday 28 AUGUST, 22:15 Brussels timezone

"Share this event around the world! On Thursday 28 august at 22:15 UTC+02 ( that's 22:15h Brussels time zone ) we go outside and play/sing/ perform 'IMAGINE' from John Lennon! Every radiostation, TV station, and human on this earth together so the weapons will be quit for at least 3 minutes and so every human on this earth can think about what he's doing by killing other humans. Please share and invite!!! NO donations or benefits, just go outside and hear the world as one!"

This message comes from Chris Vertryen from Zandhoven, Belgium, who launched this idea via Facebook, for the first time on 29th july. In the video below you can see a group of people singing "Imagine" in the Central train station of Antwerp on that day. The following days there were comments, pictures and videos posted from many different countries of people that had joined in. It was really great to see. 

So, now, one month later, there is a repetition of this event. You can join in in a million ways. Organise public groups, or small groups with friends, family, colleagues, or just on your own. You can sing and perform the song yourself, or just play it on cd. How, that is of no importance. The main thing is, that at the same time, from as many places all over the world, the song "Imagine" can be heard.

It will only take three minutes of your time, and even if it might not seem much, it can become a very powerfull moment if many people join in. For myself, i must admit that joining in with the group in the Antwerp trainstation  gave me a much stronger feeling than i had first imagined it would.  

I hope that day, you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

And here's a time converter to make it easier:

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“I discovered windows one afternoon and after that, nothing was ever the same.” 

Anne Spollen, The Shape of Water
out the window...............

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“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.”

-  Charles E. Schaefer - 
Let's create little joy!! LOL

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Once, an acupuncturist told my: "Ah nature, nature is very strange."
So there you go.
Ernesto Gianoli wasn’t the first person to work out his frustrations with a walk in the woods, but the motivation behind that walk—and its results—were certainly unusual.

Gianoli studies the plants of Chile’s temperate rainforests. When he goes out into the field, he usually works to a tight schedule, involving dawn-to-dusk sampling and measuring. “One day, I felt that while being engaged in these work plans, we were missing the joy of the quiet observation of nature,” he says. “I told my students that I would dedicate some hours to walk slowly across the forest, just observing. And then it happened..U1pscdoqZW8.twitter

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Inevitably the destruction of jobs, income, and a secured standard of living, or, the possibility of something better?

Automation, a nightmare for many, fearing for their jobs, their income, and a good life for their family and children, is inevitable. This documentary shows in detail the already existing evolution within each sector of employment. And we humans, we will become redundant in many areas.

But there is hope. There will remain an area in which we will not become redundant. An area of creativity, inventiveness, social organisation, etc. And strangely enough, this seems to be an area in which we are capable and willing, to work for free. That is also the reason we see numerous people already, who, out of their own free will and inner motivation, are willing to use their leisure time to contribute to the creation of a better world.

There is only one thing standing in our way: the monetary system.

Within the monetary system, the result of automation will inevitably be: 
Automation = less jobs = less income = less food, starvation

Without the monetary system, this could become:
Automation =  more free time =  more creativity, more inventiveness = new possibilities and opportunities =  a better life for everybody

Can it be that hard to make a choice?

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Before i could share this post, i had to check that "singularity" thing again, because each time i hear the word, it seems i'm confused again about what it is all about. But isn't that just what it is all about?

"So when will the singularity really happen? It depends on your perspective. But it always seems like it's just a few decades off."
March 1st; The Future Today

Happy Future Day! Without a doubt the most useful and relevant holiday of the year! Today's the absolute best day to talk about tomorrow. Share the love for human ingenuity and the days ahead by discussing both the problems and promises of eons to come. You can always go with the crowd favorite; The New Rules of Robot/Human Society | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios , guaranteed success!  You might also opt for something more exotic like genetic engineering, room temperature superconductors, superlenses, quantum computing or maybe programmable matter? Too speculative for you? Why not stick to the known future or the one we'll get if we stay our current course or do nothing?,_humans,_and_planet_Earth

Perhaps you are more interested in the human side of things and want to talk about the evolution of mind and society? Will the world's population be culturally richer or poorer by 2050? Is income inequality likely to rise or decrease over the next 100 years? How old is the average person likely to get by 2250? Is China's idea of building a green wall going to halt the march of deserts globally? How will changes in climate impact ecology and cities? What about Energy? Water? Food? Politics? Is the internet's tendency to destroy lines on ancient maps likely to cause societal change that 'll sweep across our planet like wildfire? The future is built on ideas but unfortunately good ideas are in short supply. In general we seem to be much better at predicting doom and gloom. I say the future is going to be better than today. At least it will be if we all work to make it so. 

"The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things that now lie hidden. A single life time, even though entirely devoted to research, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject. . . . And so this knowledge will be unfolded through long successive ages. There will come a time when our descendants will be amazed that we we did not know things that are so plain to them. . . . Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come, when memory of us will have been effaced. Our universe is a sorry little affair unless it has in it something for every age to investigate . . . . Nature does not reveal her mysteries once and for all."
— Seneca, Natural Questions Book 7, c. first century

"We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. It is not unreasonable that we grapple with problems. But there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on." — Richard Feynman, The Value of Science, 1955 #futureday  

Singularity - The Lisps

I’ll live to see a million things that men were never meant to see 
my senses and my faculties i'll augment with machinery
auditory, optical, touch and taste, olfactory
converted into data streams and floating bits of binary
every piece of food you taste and every thought you cogitate
every sound that you can hear and sight you see for years and years
all stored up so conveniently on peta-bytes of memory
so you can always reference them in case you forget anything

Singularity, I don’t know

now once all that experience can fit into an easy grid
the existence is no longer something mentally projected
the wires that you have inside are very easily realized
through artificial imaging you duplicate 10 at a time
your consciousness can be enjoyed by anyone forever more
and you live in whatever state that you or anyone creates
you could be a Giant Squirrel, a statue or a talking cat
the Goodyear blimp, an etch a sketch, an octopus or a brain in a vat
you keep all the memories and feelings that you ever want
and now you can commence your life as an uploaded extropian

Singularity, I don’t know

my mother is so horrified by this post-human fantasy
she says we’d lose that special thing that makes us human beings be
but I don’t know I’m not so sure if humans are so good and pure
perhaps we’d be much better off if we took these violent bodies off

once everyone is in the cloud we’ll move beyond this earthly ground
expanding into outer space as an informational signal race
matter in the solar system converts into computing mass
and the sun becomes a central orb of a brain that grows into the vast
expanse of space and emptiness for light years and light centuries
it replicates exponentially like a Russian doll in a cosmic dream
Once every spot of the universe is filled up it will promptly burst
eradicating finally the experiment that we grew from earth
as it explodes the brain will breathe into the dark impossibly
and anti-matter all around will collapse the universe back down
and right away what you would see if you were a fly in the vacancy
is all the light and color in the universe is collapsing

and Time would stop

and from a tiny pinhole point a massive bang erupts into space
and trillions of new particles fly away at a photonic pace
and once again the clock would start to tick and tock and tick and tock
and Years would pass, billions or more before the tiny proteins locked
and once again in the boiling seas of a miniscule blue anomaly
a planet floating helplessly around a tiny ball so fiery
an unextraordinary corner of the universe would cradle it
the flicker of intelligence that led us here and brought us this…

Singularity, I don’t know

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"To be more responsive, creative, empowered within our lives. But not power over, but conscious creation with. This is what's gonna change our lives in the wider world right now."

(from the video)

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Wolf's Mona Guenon (not to be confused with René Guénon, also known as Shaykh 'Abd al-Wahid Yahya, the French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics.) This here Guenon, who I call Claude is less metaphysical and more superficial, havingspent his formative years grooming himself and others and perfecting his coif  in hopes of becoming a famous Colorist for a New York or Beverly Hills Salon.

#hairierrelatives #guenon #wolfsmonamonkey   #googleplusphotos #googleplusphotographers   #animalphotography   #primates   #hqspwildlife   #photography  

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"i saw how splendour can illuminate even the most abjected vulnerabilities"

about identity, parenthood, and love
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