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Lynn Bean
Hello! I am Lynn of the Blog Quaker HIll Farm. We live near Covered Bridge Territory in Indiana
Hello! I am Lynn of the Blog Quaker HIll Farm. We live near Covered Bridge Territory in Indiana
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Fall on the Farm (at the Kitchen Bar with Pioneer woman dishes)
The Kitchen Bar got a makeover today!  I just love the new Pioneer woman dishes.  Such pretty vibrant colors.  They will be great for mixing bowls or salads.   Charlie is even peeking his head around the corner. The Bowls are such a pretty color and blend i...

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The Step Ladder Rescue
This old stepladder was a rescue from the old chicken house.  It came to live on our front porch about two years ago.  She is quite rickety and no longer safe to climb on but it still holds many treasures. Dressed in her fall finest.  The top of the ladder ...

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The Quaker Hill Pumpkin Truck
The Pumpkin truck is headed out.  Making deliveries for all those pumpkins.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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It's Time for Pumpkins and Weeds on the Porch
It's time for pumpkins on the porch!  and weeds too... The old watering can looks quite lovely full of leaves and weeds.  Pokeberries are very pretty, but don't ever eat them!  They will make you have a tummy ache.  They do look quite pretty though mixed in...

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Fall Highlights
Highlights of fall. Painted sunflowers, mums, pumpkins and straw hats all make for a delight for the eyes! Grapevine trees, sedum flowers and bits and pieces from the yard add beauty.  Inside a tricycle on the table surrounded with loveliness.  Lots more pr...

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A Tricycle Tablescape
How in the world did that tricycle climb up there on the table?  I guess it has been out gathering up fall!   This little rusty trike just keeps on providing lots of fun!  In its day it provided some little child many happy days.  Today it rests on our tabl...

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Blending Summer and Fall
Blending summer into fall.  As the old saying goes you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Just like pretty flowers that still look beautiful you can't just throw them away. You just start adding some fall elements and try to blend them in with th...

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It's a Jungle out there!
All the flowers are at full maturity!  They know their last hurrah is soon at hand.  These canna flowers have shown their full glory this summer!  I just love the heart shaped flowers that are left once the beautiful red bloom is spent.  Just so very unique...

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Fall Table Favours
Mums can make some great table favours.  Place some moss in a thrifted spoon and add pretty fall flowers.  Tie with a ribbon as use as favours.  

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A Window Tale
This view is through our dining room window onto the front porch.  The tales this old barn door could tell if it could talk.  It would probably talk about all the storms it's weathered and all the black Angus cows it has seen as well as dairy cows.  It woul...
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