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Carnegie Mellon University - Master of Computational Data Science
Teaching Computational Data Science to the Next Generation of Technologist.
Teaching Computational Data Science to the Next Generation of Technologist.


CMU SCS has experienced rapid expansion in the Master Degree programs in the last few years. This year the School has placed a cap on the number of admits to give everyone a year to get better organized. We offered admission to 100 applicants (from a total of 715 or 14%). 

48-total incoming fall 15 

of these, 12 are women (25% verses 22% nationally according to the CRA 2013-2014 Taulbee Survey) 

We all here at the MCDS program welcome the new students. We are very excited to work with such a talented cohort! 
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ome additional data for this year - we had 38 people reply to the survey. We have 2 people applying to graduate school, one person still negotiating, and one person who did not reply.

Of the 38 who did reply, the average number of offers was 3.2 and the median was 3. The max was 10 (!) and the min was 1.

The average salary was $114,078 and the median was $112,500. We had someone make:$150,000. We have only one salary less than $100k, at $80k going to a silicon valley startup. Maximum starting bonus was $100,000, minimum was $0 at the same start up. Stock options are much harder to evaluate of course, because the value depends on the underlying stock.

Some more data about the distribution of where people go: Google (8), Pinterest (6)!!, Amazon (5), LinkedIn (5), Facebook (2), Snapchat (2), PhD (2), Bloomberg, CoreOS, Microsoft, Trulia, Turn, Uber, VMware, Yahoo.

The correlation between accepted salary and number of offers is weak: 0.17.
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