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So I decided to try a solo adventure in Scarlet Heroes. So far it's been fun.. think I may have mess up some things (like healing). Here is my character, Raytor the Nighthunter, looks like.
Human Fighter 1, ST 12, DX 16 +2, CN 15 +1, IN 9, WS 9, CH 13 +1, HP 9, AC 4 (Leather and shield), Short Sword (+3 1d6+2), Sling (+3 1d4+2), Fray d8.
Traits Pantherish Grace 2, Monster Slayer, Eidetic Memory, Knows many thieves.
I'm just going to post the raw notes here, since I don't have a blog :) Comments welcome :D

Raynor's Adventures
Day Hex /Features Notes
1 00.00 n/n Rations 5
2 01.00 n/n Rations 4
3 02.01 n/n Rations 3
4 02.01 -/-/- Hunting in woods, successful, Rations 2+4=6
5 01.01 n/n/n Rations 5
6 01.02 n/y/y Event: Deadfall trap, 1d6 rolled a 4, 1 hp damage, Bandaged before exploring feature. Feature: Cavern/Geomatic Nexus, 14 locations, Inhabitants: Heretics, will send for help (further expeditions are at Threat+1d4)
Dungeon turns
1 Strata Pocket, Encounter, Hidden Treasure, No Hazard or Feature.
7 HD of Minons and Elites: 3 Armed acolytes and 2 Temple Champions 2HD.
Raynor was sneaking into the cave (roll 7+4=11), seeing the guards he tries to sneak up and attack with surprise (Roll for guards alertness 12+2=14) so nope. First round of combat: 8 on the fray die kills two acolytes and a 23 to hit gets the last one for a point (1+2 damage roll). The two champions (2HD, AC6, +1 to hit, 1d6 damage) attack and both miss. Second round of combat: No fray die as they are 2HD, he misses and so do they. Third round of combat:A solid hit of 25 but only 1+2 on the die does a point to one, One of them hits but only rolls a 1 on damage so nothing. Round four: A hit for 2 pts of damage kills the wounded one, the champion misses. Round five: A solid hit for 2 points kills the last one with a thrust thur the heart.
Raynor checks the bodies for loot (roll of 12+1), finding 6 gold and two pieces of jewerly worth 30gold and 600gold(!). These heretics seem to love jewerly...There is a deeply sloping shaft leading further into the caverns..
2 Vertical Shaft, Nothing here... ahead is a narrow creveasse.
3 Narrow Creveasse, Encounter, Hidden Treasure, No Hazard, Feature.
2HD Champion is here. The feature is a noncombatant inhabitant of the dungeon (?). Only thing I can think of is an animal being stabled here for the time being. 1d10 roll for exoticness, high is better..roll a 10.. ok.. so the combat with the Champion. Raynor rolls a 12+2 for stealth and attacks with surprise. And kills him before he can attack back. A search of the area reveals some valuable furnishing (m1 in room contents..30gold worth.. a piece of furniture I think) a headrest (like a chair) made of carved hardwood with inlaided ivory. What an old thing to find in a cave he thinks. He will try to grab it on the way out.
Now the odd animal.. let's use oracles.. Is the creature useful to Raynor (Unknown)..roll of 2 so no... Something that will die if it is taken from a cave (Unknown) roll of 19 is yes.. so it's like a mobile fugus or pool of blind cave fish.. whatever... exits from room are two.. one to "south" and one to the "east". Wandering Monster check (every 3 rounds sounds right) roll of 4 nope. Raynor sneaks east..
4 Natural Bridge, Encounter, Treasure, No Hazard or Feature.
4HD of Acolytes. He surprised them but one manages to hit him for 2 pts before they all die. Standard treasure on their bodies yields 4 gold and a piece of jewerly worth 80 gold. No exit from room.
5 Bandaging wounds for 2 points. Wandering monster check, on a 4 nope.
6 Walk back to Narrow Crevasse and then east, Wandering monster check, a 4, nope
7 Crumbling Dry Cave, No Encounter, Treasure, No Hazard or Feature. More furntiure found, this time a table worth 40gold, made of silvered lacquered bamboo. One exit to the east.
8 Pit Ledge, No Encounter, Hidden Treasure, No Hazard, Feature.
An original architectual feature that is religious in purpose... A naturally occuring altar of some kind! A roll to see how hidden the treasure is (8) and a search roll of 12+1 finds..40gold world of cheap jewerly hidden about the altar.. two additional exits leave this area to the 'south' and the 'south east'. Raynor heads south.
9 Domed Cavern, Just Hidden Treasure here. Roll for how hidden it is 10 and his search roll 13+1.. a 10gold piece pair of sandals... ok why not. There are a lot of exits from here, N, W, SW, S, SE and East. Oh Roll for Wandering Monsters, 6 nope. Ok East we go.
10 Pit Ledge, Just a Feature here. There is a small scroll stuffed into a opening on the wall. It is a note revealing the location of a treasure (or another dungeon?). The exits from here have been explored so back to the domed cavern room and West.
11 Underground Pool, Just a Feature here. An Unusual piece of movable furnishing.. That endangers the investigator treat as a Hazard! Dangerous object, save or take td6 damage. Ok.. let's see.. Another of those headrest chairs by the edge of the pool, but moving over to it forces Raynor to cross sharp and broken ground, save vs dex rolled a 13 so avoids it. F that chair. Exits from room explored so back to Domed Cavern and Southwest.
12 Circular Chamber, Nothing here.. Wait Wandering Monster roll, 6 nope.. Exits from room explored so back to Domed Cavern and South.
13 Caved-in Cavern, Nothing here.. Exit to South is new.. so South.
14 Pit Ledge, Nothing here. No new exits. Back to the Domed Cavern room.
15 Back at Domed Carvern, Wandering Monster roll, 6 nope. Heads South East.
16 Strata Pocket, Encounter, Nothing else
6 HD of Minions and Elites.. 2 Armed acolytes and 2 Temple Champions 2HD. Raynor kills them in 2 rounds of combat.. no loot :( New Exit to the East.
17 Water-smoothed Cave, Feature only. The roots of some deep growing tree somehow enter this room infusing it with a zen like peace and possibly magical energy.. Raynor can't tell.. time to leave..
18 Back at Domed Cavern, Wandering Monster roll, 1! 6 HD of Minions and Elites.. 2 Armed acolytes and 2 Temple Champions 2HD.Pretty long fight of 6 rounds and Raynor takes 5 HP before killing them all.
19 Bandaging wounds for 2 points. Wandering monster check, on a 6 nope.
20 At Crumbling Dry Cave, Wandering monster check, on a 5 nope.
21 Grabs chair at Narrow Crevasse, Then at Vertical Shaft. Wandering monster check, on a 3 nope.
22 Out of the cave system.. Found treasure is a chair worth 30gp, sandals worth 10gp, three pieces of jewerly woth 30, 600 and 80 gp and 10gp in coins. A pretty nice haul.. Of course he still needs to find a city.. He is still down 3 hp (to 6) and 1 Adventure Point. He walks a mile or so from the cave and makes his camp for the night.

Day Hex /Features Notes
7 01.03 N/N/N Rations 4, Raytor will rest and recover a HP (to 7).
8 01.03 N/-/- Rations 3, Raytor will hunt in the forest. Rolls a 16, success. +2 Rations.
9 01.04 N/N/Y Rations 4, A ruined fortress looms out of the forest. It was a Shou Prison that was over ran by Monsters and partially destroyed. It is has gigantic monoliths around it and is built of mortared stone. The building is featureless and has no ground windows. Exploring the ruins yeilds a minor hidden treasure (c1) of 40 golds, 4 cheap jems (10/10/40/60) and 3 pieces of cheap jewerly (20/30/30/40). Maybe this is where the heretics got there jewerly? Raytor can't figure it out...
10 01.05 N/N/N Rations 3, Raytor will rest and recover a HP ( to 8).
11 01.05 N/-/- Rations 2, Raytor will hunt in the forest, Rolls a 14, success. +1 Ration. lol
12 01.06 N/N/N Rations 2, Nothing around here.
13 01.06 N/-/- Rations 1, Raytor will hunt in the forst, Rolls a 3 and fails..
14 01.07 N/Y/N Rations 0, Event:Wet season, A sudden flooded way, lose a mount or pack beast.. He doesn't have one..
15 01.07 N/-/- Rations 0, Hunting in forest, success with a 10 rolled, +2 days rations. Raytor needs to find a town..
16 02.07 N/N/N Rations 1, following the curve of a lake
17 02.07 N/-/- Rations 0. Raytor hunts. +2 Rations.
18 03.08 N/N/N Rations 1, now in open plains
19 03.08 N/-/- Rations 0, He hunts. +3 Rations.
16 04.08 N/N/Y Rations 2, Raytor finds a Farming Village (yay!). Raytor approaches the village of Dawaju as a Stranger (and gets a reaction roll of 9) but finds farmers like gold freely spent (can buy supplies at 1.5 cost). Now to buy a map, supplies and a mule.. (and to figure out how to add some towns to this map that seems fair).


On the magic system, has there been any issues or problems with the caster character only getting two spells at the start (and for most of the game)? I know the spells are pretty flexible so I could see doing a lot with two.

I was planning on using the following rules for a game I'm planning out:

1-As a 'freebie', characters can do simple 'hedge magic' either for zero or one hp. These are simple tricks like making a book float in the air across a room, lighting a pipe/starting a fire, temporary changing the color of something the size of dinner plate, etc. More for flash and roleplaying then anything else.

2-Characters with Magic Training start with two spells slots and two spells known. Addition spells slots (spells the character can cast from memory) can be gained as the character levels.
Spells that are not in a spell slot have to be cast from a book or scroll and always cast last in a turn (at least, some spells take longer).
Additional spells can be learned, found etc. 

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Was playing D&D last night with some friends. I modified Orcs to make them more interesting and scalable in play. Figured I was share and see if anyone thought they were useful. The Orc Chopper is the basic Orc from the MM, the Archer, Grunt, Priestess and Warrior are new.
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So I ran some D&D for some friends last night.. I won't say it was horrible but it could have gone a lot better. 1st level characters have nothing making them note worthy. What the heck kind of challenges are they suppose to overcome?
(also group was short a pc so 3 of them got swamped pretty easily)

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Pretty cool Fate Accelerated d&d variant.
Lazy GM time!

I've run two sessions now of our Dungeons Accelerated game and I've been using the advice given by Sly Flourish ( ). It gives all the monsters and npcs "levels", and the players do ALL the rolling.

So when fighting a +2 group of Goblin mooks the players are rolling against that +2 to hit the mooks, and defending against +2 attacks (assuming nothing is modified by Aspects or Stunts).

On our first night they faced off against a +4 reanimated ogre corpse. This was a VERY difficult challenge for them. At least until they figured out how Create Advantage works and I was able to pry a few Fate Points out of their white knuckled fists.

At our second session I came up with a reason to start everyone off with an extra Fate Point, (either for legit in-game reasons and compels or just: "reasons" for the rest), and that really emboldened them. Fate Points were all spent by the end of the evening and the swarm of goblins they encountered were almost literally massacred.

I found it much simpler to run the big fight against a horde of goblins using levels, but I also found it to be a little lacking in the excitement department* when the players were mostly rolling against the same number most of the time. On the one hand it's fun for the players to do all the rolling. On the other hand . . .I miss rolling dice. Haha D:

I think at our next session, or whenever the next conflict occurs, I will keep the mooks at a static level, but run the bigger bads as more fleshed out npcs.

I'm curious if anyone else has run a game using this system, and if so, what are your thoughts?

*the players did not seem to mind wiping the floor with six gangs of +2 goblins and I got several very excited texts and DMs about it the next day.

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Bob Bersch commented on a post on Blogger.
This is pretty awesome. You could take the same format and do a fantasy setup or scifi one. Or move the setting to some other genre. Nice work!

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cough Alpha Blue 
Dave Stevens was the American answer to Japan's Dirty Pair.
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The ever elusive double critical when rolling with Disadvantage. This happened during the Volo event my local store was running.

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My custom made spiritual weapon miniature for my nature cleric. Why are there no spiritual weapon minis available? 
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