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Just this guy, you know?
Just this guy, you know?

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I dunno how often I'll be using Game Center on iOS, but if you can figure out my account you can send me a friend request. Hint: My username should be obvious, and my account is that plus

Note, tho, if it's not obvious who you are and I don't recognize you, I'll probably ignore the request.

Oh hai, it's National Coming Out Day!

I was kind of a late bloomer on the whole sex and relationship thing. I had a couple token girlfriends in grade school and in college, but they were prettty chaste and didn't really amount to much. For the most part I didn't really think about it much, until late in college I began to recognize more of an emotional and physical attraction to other guys. I self-identified as bisexual for awhile (of the "I could fall in love with someone regardless of gender" type) until eventually I realized that, while a noble sentiment, that probably wasn't true for me.

I've never been particularly militant or out-loud-proud, but after having grown up as a teen in the conservative 80s, for awhile I was pretty content with the idea of living a quiet and private life forever, maybe hoping at best to someday have a subdued domestic partnership with someone. That changed in the early 00s when President Bush announced his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment to permanently define marriage between a man and a woman in federal law. My reaction, to be blunt, was a colorful "FUCK YOU" and a realization that I enjoyed neither having my ability to pursue any road to happiness suppressed, nor being used as a political football to whip voters into a frenzy. That was when I began to self-identify fully as gay, and became to come out gradually to many of my friends and acquaintances.

It was some time later, when I was a few years into a long-term relationship, that I decided to come out to my family: my brother first, and then my parents. They were a bit surprised, but fortunately understanding and supportive. Over time, with continuing conversations and a new perspective, they began to understand the importance of things like marriage equality, repeal of DADT, and other issues.

I was very fortunate in how my family handled the situation. (Plus, I was no longer dependent on them when I came out, so didn't have as much at risk.) The sad truth is that not everyone is so lucky. Coming out obviously can be a transformative personal experience; the relief of being known and accepted for who you are can be exhilarating. But the more people come out, and the more people realize they know gay people and that they're just people, not unlike themselves ... Well, maybe that's fewer people who believe that being gay is a choice; fewer parents who kick their kids out of the house or force them into ex-gay ministries; fewer people voting to support anti-gay laws which only hurt a minority and do nothing for anyone else; fewer families who unnecessarily feel shame and disappointment and guilt for their children when they should be feeling love and support.

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This is why i came to LA.

Zankou Chicken all the way.

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Quick Casey update, by the way: She's doing much better now; looks like it was just a stomach bug or something she ate. Her appetite is back, the lethargy is gone and she's moving around better again; she's getting back to herself. I'm weaning her from scrambled eggs and rice back to her regular food.

She's sitting with me now at a movie night with some friends. I have to remember that every day is precious.

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Crosspost. Meh.

+Reveille D'Giovanetti 's band is rehearsing in the shop today. I was afraid I'd be accosted by some shitty garage band music while I work, but instead I'm being serenaded by classic popular jazz and big band sounds! <3

It actually kind of takes me back to my college days, when the art and music departments shared a building. I'd be working on paintings or sketches in my studio and would hear folks rehearsing down the hall. ^.^

Thought experiment for the day:

Imagine any line of Han Solo dialog. But performed by Owen Wilson.

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Hey, anyone (especially in the Bay Area) looking to buy a used 24" iMac? Details and specs here:

Just figured I'd check with friends and acquaintances before resorting to eBay or CraigsList. ^.^

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It's my birthday at Buca! But a week ago was Cardinal +Tugrik d'Itichi birthday too.

I'm posting from my iPhone ... ^.^
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