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Tony LaRocca
Writer, electrician, father, animator, just not in any particular order.
Writer, electrician, father, animator, just not in any particular order.
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My first novel, Debris of Shadows Book I: The Lies of the Sage, is now available on Kindle! Thank you to all the friends and family who have supported me along the way.

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Every sha la la la la, every woah oh oh oh...
Had a dream last night that Slayer did a Death Metal cover of The Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More". Now I have it (the dream version that doesn't really exist) stuck in my head. I started playing with Unity last night. Decades ago, I did some work in VRML ...

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Zen and Civilization VI, or Gandhi Nuking My Piece of Mind
I’m assuming that everyone has gotten upset at people or
things that weren’t really there. Or rather, we get angry at people, places and
things that are not in the present. Perhaps they’re politicians or our bosses,
old arguments, past acquaintances or fami...

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Stop Whining and Edit!
Nobody ever told me that writing a book would be like having to be the world’s meanest English teacher, having to check the world’s brattiest student’s work. No wonder so many hated me. Every writer is different. To me, writing is like sculpting. You mold c...

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Shallow Thoughts
I had a dream last night that due to global warming, I lost my job, and had to fish in the flooded streets with my son from a rowboat to feed our family. Damn you, Al Gore... Silly facebook memes seem to have given birth to intersting conversations. For exa...

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Dream dream dream...
I've been having sad and violent dreams the past few days. Sadly, they really don't have anything I can mine for fiction, at least nothing comes to mind. There was one where I was in a church which branched into a giant old office building, and at some poin...

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Moving Right Along
You know that feeling when there was something in your first draft you
were never really happy with, but couldn't figure out exactly how to fix
it, and then months later while editing it hits you, and you reach up
to the sky from your keyboard, and cry, ...

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Ideology 2016
To my friends who genuinely believed in Hillary Clinton and are devastated by her loss: I am sorry for what you're going through. But to those who did and are continuing to shame, bully, generalize, insult, vilify, and accuse everyone who did not support he...

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Well THAT was unexpected. Makes me wish I hadn't sworn off of political commentary, though I do think there will be more entertainment before January. TTFN -Tony

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Why I Will Never Vote For Hillary, or Don't Piss In My Face And Tell Me It's Raining
Good morning, friends and neighbors. I'd like to start off by saying that I know this won't change anyone's mind, or the outcome of the election. It doesn't matter; these are simply things that need to be said. I should add that I consider myself an indepen...
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