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Stay Healthy Stay Fit
There is a common thought among us that eating less would
help us in losing weight. But eating less has its own side effect which shows
its result slowly. In our daily life we must have come across people who are
skinny but glow in skin is missing. This is ...

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Simple things that make me happy
No matter how small the event is, for me, Happiness is
anything which brings positive emotions in me. As Human nature, we all set out
on long journeys in search of happiness, but forget that happiness is something
which can be extracted from very simple thi...

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Moment of Togetherness !!!
relationships are a much talked as a subject among friends. We
joke about the different habits, we give advice to each other, we
tease the matching outfits some couple wear but in all seriousness, we all cherish the togetherness
two people share. I...

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#StartANewLife One step that changed my life forever..!!
“Change”, this word has so many meaning in itself. Sometimes
people ask you to change and sometimes you want to bring a change in your life.
But brining change in life is not that easy.   Well there came a moment in my life where I had to take a
bold decisi...

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My Moment of Optimism and Hope
My Moment of Optimism and Hope After all the hard work throughout my academic year it was the time for
the results. The placement season had started in our college. Suddenly the atmosphere
around my batch got changed. Mock interview sessions, getting ready ...

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Online Oracle CRM training
Hello Readers Thanks for landing at my blog. I hope the CRM content on my blog may be useful to you. I also take Online and Corporate training on Oracle CRM. So if any one is interested in learning more about Oracle CRM and would like to take Online Trainin...

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I have a Dream….
have a Dream ….. “ Live a life like a free bird ”.
  A privileged and luxurious life of a
free bird as it jumps on winds and rides at ease and claims the sky as his
own. Living a life like a queen, in a perfect world where everything is
good. No fear of h...

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Chilly Paneer Dry Recipe
I remember my child hood days
when I used to go with my parents in a restaurant, at that time there was a
huge craze for Chinese dishes. I and my sis always used to order Manchurian and
Chilly paneer. Even today, the craze has not
gone, we all love Chinese ...

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Don’t Worry, Chat Quikr Hai NA
Don’t Worry, Chat Quikr Hai NA Quikr is one of the popular online shopping portals in India for
selling and buying. It’s existence in several cities across India which makes
it easy for buyers to make a purchase from their own city thereby cutting time
and ...

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I am in air, I am in water, I am
in space Everywhere, wherever you go For me class doesn't matter, be
it a poor man or a Richie rich I can manipulate any one’s mind, I
have been with you since you were born Letting you do things without any
guilt and let yo...
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