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Martin Probst commented on a post on Blogger.
We demoed the stuff I was working on for the last quarter, and it even worked! :-)

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Just wrote my very first Chrome extension, inspired by's stupid and annoying use of autocomplete=off in a login form (what do you think you are, a bank?). #ZEIT   #Chrome   #Autocomplete  

A similar extension already exists (Autocomplete=on,, but I kind of have a trust issue here. Also, I wanted to figure out how to write a Chrome Extension for quite a bit, it's fun :-)

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Verteidige Dein Netz (Kampagne gegen das Leistungsschutzrecht).

Verteidige Dein Netz

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Google announces the second year of STEP internships in Europe (formerly Engineering Trainee Summer Program). Students, who have completed the first year of their university studies by summer of 2013 and are studying computer science or related subjects will be selected to participate in the program. This program includes three main components: a software project, skills-based training, and professional development. We will have STEP cohorts in four offices this year: London, Munich, Krakow and Zurich.

Find out more about the program on

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Life at Google hung out with 5 people. #hangoutsonairMartin Probst, Jonathan Barker, Wieland Holfelder, Michael Guntsch, and Life at Google

If your Mac won't go to sleep as expected, try "pmset -g" and "pmset -g assertions".

Turns out on my machine, cupsd was preventing sleep. I removed all installed printers (most of them were old anyway).

I was annoyed by my Mac not sleeping for a long time, nice to finally learn about a way to debug that.

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Do you know anyone interested in engineering roles in Europe?

On Monday, October 1 at 5:30pm CET (3:30pm UTC) we'll be having a Hangout on Air with members of our Google Munich engineering team. Tune in to learn about the projects and products that the tech teams in Munich work on and find out how we're looking to grow the team.

If you have questions for the panel, please add them to our Moderator page ( or to the Comments section below.
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