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More from METALCON 2012. A video visit with exhibitors.
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Illinois residence with Decra Villa Tile
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An Antimicrobial Agent and Metal Corrosion Passivity Coating.

Dear Colleagues,
We have two decades of successful history of production and supply of KALMATRON® KF-F for stucco repair. This is a yellow powder mixed with water that becomes a viscous paste applicable as a thin layer by any paint application technique. 

KALMATRON® KF-F is a protective and crack curing composition which penetrates into the cementitious structure applicable in dry, hot, as well as damp environments. 

The application of KALMATRON KF-F produces superficial strength, waterproofing and highest resistance to chemical and environmental corrosions. 

General properties of KF-F coats applied by any techniques are the same as shown on the table above.   

         But application by spray "A" and by brush or roll "B" causing some difference in repellence to water. 

Application by spray "A" results in KF-F surface with water sorption ability up to .045% which is lower by 88% than lowest known of 4% sorption ability. Practically, it is implausible as sorption ability.

Application by brush or roll "B" results in KF-F surface with absolute repellence to any liquid. 
This is a shiny example of thermal incompatibility of metal with non structured materials. We have experience with overlay by light weight concrete at 50 mm (2") thick with isolating CEMENTITIOUS PAINT.

KALMATRON® KF-F is a protective and crack curing composition with penetrating effect into the cementitious structure. Provide superficial densifying with increasing of solidity and highest resistance to chemical and environmental corrosions.The best to improve compressive strength, abrasion resistance, vapor transmission, liquid impermeability, and freeze-thaw resistance.

KALMATRON® KF-F is the most economical protective coating with minimum preparation and simplicity of application. 

Use as a cementitious paint for coloration of industrial structures. Provides renovation of concrete structures for chemical and petroleum industries that are known as irreparable. The best for preservation of abandoned structures.

Kalmatron® KF-G is a liquid spray for the rehabilitation of degraded concrete rheology. KF-G represents a new  concept in concrete rehabilitation technology and has become highly popular because of its effective performance and simplicity of application. Before KF-G, many believed that cracks in concrete that were under 3 mm in thickness were irreparable but KF-G aims to solve this issue. The total volume occupied by micro-cracks in a concrete structure is much larger than the total volume of visible, repairable cracks. These  micro-cracks are the real source of the rheological aging of concrete and KF-G does not simply seal over them  but rather heals them at the microscopic level. In addition to healing these cracks, KF-G prevents the  structure from further corrosion, makes the structure impermeable to liquid and most gases, and also upgrades its compression strength. 
• Simple application by spray, soaking or injection of aged/damaged concrete structure. 
• Fast increase in concrete density by 10% and compressive strength by 20% on the third day. 
• Works for any level of damage. In fact, the worse the damage, the better KF-G performs. 
• Can be used as a curing compound for a new concrete application after false set, shrinkage or exothermic cracks, efflorescence, etc. 
• Increases compressive strength by 30% to 50% after 28 days. 
All depends how hard that metal roof. If it flexible  under the wind, rain, and snow better do not be involved.
With Best Regards, 
Dilip Shah/Ms. Helen Alex Rusinoff
NRD Industries. USA 

E-mail :
WhatsApp : 0018483911248
Viber & Tango : 0018483911248 - Free calls Worldwide
E-mail :
Skype ID: dilipshah26 
Visit us at:
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When it comes to photography, post-frame builders can learn a lot from Keith Pinkelman, owner of Lynnman Construction, Morrice, Mich. Years ago, he bought a good digital camera and sought advice on photography from a knowledgeable customer. Today, he never goes anywhere on the job without taking a slew of photos of his post-frame buildings, inside and out.
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Win horse barn products in Classic Equine's Triple Crown Contest.
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The first-ever, large-scale structure supported by soft maple glulam beams is featured as a case study on The American Hardwood Information Center website.
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Builder Block favorites: favorite products or line of products shown at Frame Building Expo.
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A look back at METALCON 2012, Chicago.
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Post-frame buildings: the old pole barn goes modern!
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These are some awesome photos!
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