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WIP hormagaunts
In 8 th  edition, the role of the lowly termagant has
changed slightly.  Sure they are still
cheap little guys that help bubble wrap our larger monsters from charges.  The difference now I don't need the never ending supply of models since the tervigon does...

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8th is Here!
 This weekend 8th edition came out.  with all the leaks and previews that have spilled out I have had a good look at this new game.  Now that I have the book in hand I am working though the rules and units on my own.  This bring me to my first dilemma: Toxi...

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I continued to paint up my Sisters of battle.  This time I painted up a seraphim.  This could be a superior or one of the Gemini siters that go with Celestine. With the new edition I am not sure what it will be. I used the same paint scheme as the regular t...

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Feelings, nothing more than feelings
Last week, I looked at the past and how I did in 7 th .  Today I think I will take a look at what we
have seen for 8 th with three of my favorite factions: Tyranids,
Orks, and Genestealer cult. Now, I know that until I see the complete rules for the game

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So Long and Thanks For All the Fish.
With all of the news coming in about 8 th edition, I
wanted to look back on my record in 7 th .  My group has one last hurrah left and that
will be a big apocalypse game.  Since
that won’t affect my records, we can look at how I did this edition. Over all I...

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Showcase: sister of battle alternative
After assembling all of my new Sisters of Battle, it is time for me to actually paint them.  With the help from my wife, I laid out several different choices and this scheme was the winner. I started with a white base coat.  This is something new to me but ...

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WIP: Seraphim
I am sorry that I have not been very active with my blogging the past few weeks.  Both work and school has really gotten in the way.  Today I have my built Seraphim squad for my sisters of battle army. These are my favorite models form the raging heroes lin...

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My trip to MiniWarGaming
Last week I packed up 4 armies and headed up to Niagara Falls to meet with the boys over at MiniWarGaming.  Ever since I became a vault member of MiniWarGaming, I have wanted to head up there and challenge them to a battle.  I was excited and looking forwar...

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Showcase: Ork Rides
My final preparations for my trip to Miniwargaming  next week I need to finish painting up a couple of Ork Rides. Check out the images after the hop. First up is a Battlewagon.  I have had this model built and primer red for years.  I decided that painting ...

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Showcase: Last of the Acolytes
Today I have a small update with the last of my  acolytes.  These last eight acolytes are the last models in my 1500
point army.  I still have a few neophytes
and a second magus to paint up but they can wait until after my trip. I plan on expanding the army...
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