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People who attain self-actualization reestablish their connectedness to the non-local mind. They have no desire to manipulate and control others. They are independent of criticism and also of flattery. They feel beneath no one, but they also feel superior to no one. They are in touch with the internal reference point that is their soul, and not their ego.

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Consciousness regulates and becomes the flow of energy and information in your body, your relationships and your world

Every coincidence is an opportunity for you to become the person the universe intended you to be.

There is a saying in ancient wisdom tradition of vedanta that the measure of your enlightenment is the degree to which you are comfortable with paradox,with contradictions, with ambiguity, what's a joke? a joke is when the deepest part of your consciousness that is your soul actually recognizes a paradox and laughs, so here's some,
A man is walking on the beach, and he finds a brass lamp buried in the sand. He rubs it, and out jumps a genie. “You’ve set me free,” says the genie. “instead of granting you three wishes, I’ll only grant you one, but it can be the biggest wish in the world.”

The man thinks for a minute. “I’ve never been to Hawaii. Build me a bridge so I can go there any time I want.”

“Are you crazy?’ cries the genie. “That’s half the Pacific Ocean. Nobody can build that far, make another wish.”

The man thinks again. “Okay, I want to know what women are really thinking.”

“How wide do you want the bridge, one lane or two?” says the genie.

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