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Tone It Up Overview, Can't believe it's Week 7
If you're following me on Instagram then you've noticed an influx of workout and meal posts from me in the last 7 weeks.  It's true, I've started taking better care of myself, meal prepping, no binge eating and building up my endurance all because of the la...

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I'M BACK…and ready to start blogging again.  Can you believe it after all this break, and I"m grateful for it, as it's been really hard trying to figure out how to start back up again, but today I found some inspiration to get me on the ball. I'll keep it s...

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Trip Planning & my Bujo Planner
Does anyone get anxious before a
trip?? I know I do all the time.   I get
myself so worked up with everything that needs to be done for the weekend away
that sometimes I opt out of going away at all and it’s like a huge sigh of relief, but even
after all of...

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The Yerdle turtle Yerdle's on
It's been sometime since my last post, more because I've just not felt like blogging, but that doesn't mean things haven't been happening.  My goal to decultter this year by 1000 items is still going strong and thankfully I've come across a site called Yerd...

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declutterization, a new year
It's been a huge process trying to downsize; however there have been some road blocks along the way in doing so like my mom not being much help in parting with items and myself buying more items that I thought would sell fast or items that I just wanted for...

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Thrify Finds October Part 1
Here are a few of my goodies this month that will be making their way to finding a home in my home.  I love the Scandinavian feel of the Santa pillow and that it was made in Colorado.  I also couldn't resist the adorableness of the reindeer. Finally got an ...

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Meet Locations & Details
If you are local to the Harrisburg // Hershey // E-twon // Mechanicsburg // Camp Hill area I could meet you most days of the week after 5:45pm. Bass Pro Shop, Main Mall Entrance off Paxton Staples in Camp Hill Target in Mechanicsburg For those of you local ...

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Thrifty Finds June
I found these lovies my last trip to drop off donations.  I'm super excited about the PYREX S/P Shakers, especially since i didn't realize they were PYREX until after I got them home and was ready to fill them.  The branding is an etched glass very small to...

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Movement is happiness
Movement is happening is our Simplifying Home Goal & our outbox is filling up with items that we are letting go. It’s pretty exciting and I’ve really been getting into this more now. I’ve cleaned up the items and already taken photos of most of the outbox...

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Dimensions: Measures 22" L x 16" H Product Info: By RC2 Brand.  Small child can sit on this and push with their feet and go back and forth Features: * Forward and Backward only * Ages: 18 months and older Retail: Ebay: $21-35 + shipping Condition: Used.  Sl...
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