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Life is good!
Life is good!

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Busy Busy Summer
Hi JennyMac Fans! Can you believe the summer is almost over? Those of you with kids I am sure are already celebrating in the south because your kids are back to school and those of you who are teachers like me may be on the spectrum of already back to schoo...

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Salted Caramel Cookies with Bacon Bites
I know I am slow on getting back to a regular schedule...but what is regular, right? Right now K-man is installing my back splash in the kitchen and I am so excited because it looks so nice! Don't worry pictures will come. I am on class number 8 for grad sc...

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Still Whole30 with Paleo Parts
Seems so long ago when I was starting Whole30 and it was such a struggle....Really? Maybe the first few shopping trips and all that reading of labels.... Eating "Whole30 with Paleo Parts" so let me explain what THAT means. If you are STRICTLY Whole30, you a...

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Whole30 -My evaluation
Was doing Whole30 possibly the best thing that I have ever done for a diet, eating plan or lifestyle change? HELL yeah! Lets go through my punch list... -It all started when I was a 7 y.o child with a diet plan my mom made on a blue sheet of paper that was ...

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Whole30 Reintroduction Dairy Day 7
Before I get to the cheesy stuff.  I want to follow through on my non-gluten grains stuff.  So the point of the reintroduction is to isolate one type of food for a day while being compliant with meat and veggies, etc and wait 3 days to see if it had any eff...

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Whole30 Reintroduction Day 7
I get to incorporate into whole30 compliant day any NON gluten grain such as oatmeal, white rice, corn tortilla chips, gluten free bread. Not only do I want to keep being whole30 compliant with these foods but also making sure that if I eat oatmeal for brea...

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Whole30- Starting Reintroduction and non-gluten grains
So during the re-introduction, what am I looking for as I experiment with beans, non-gluten grains, dairy and wheat? Issues with: Digestion (gas, bloating, pain, cramping) Energy -(3 pm slump? dragging out of bed in the morning?) Sleep (restlessly, hard t...

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Whole30 - Day 30 and Reintroduction
Holy Crap today is day 30! Yes, and I still have to get through it.  Breathe.  I can get on the scale today....drum roll please and I am so nervous, Why? Deep breathing and maybe some wine on day 31, of course.  Did I know that I could make it this far?  Su...

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Whole30 - Day 28 and 29
Day 28 is almost as good as day 30, right? Someone brought cookies to your meeting,  and you are so close...  Isn't 28 days just as good as 30? It's about commitment.  Giving in at day 28 and not 30 is no different than all those other excuses you used to '...

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Whole30- Day 26 and 27
Days of tiger blood and things changing.  Well, I've never been a 'tiger blood' kinda person, meaning I've never been a HIGH energy person. So I don't know what that feel like -even with coffee in me. As for things changing, yes but it's not drastic because...
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