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A nerd that likes food


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Icon Packs

Android is all about customization, right? Icon packs are one of the many ways to do so, and one of my favorites is Desaturate. It's free and works with most launchers, and looks amazing. Not to mention, the amount of icons is a little insane. For apps that don't have their own icon, a subtle mask is applied. For those that like dark things and the colour yellow, this is perfect.
Oh, yeah, and it has over 200 matching wallpapers. Which look awesome.
This was not sponsored by the creator, and the opinions expressed here are mine and may be biased in some way.
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Hey, so here's the first time I'm doin' this, so... Here it goes.

The Hot Tomato

It's a cool little pizza place in Fruita that has become a sort of food staple in the local community, right up there with Munchies, and is a favourite of many people that I know. From stromboli to pizza to cream soda from a fountain, it's good.

The tiny pizzeria was started by Anne Keller and Jen Zeuner (awesome name, by the way) in 2005 "because in our experienced naivety we thought the idea of running a restaurant seemed 'easy' and 'fun'[...]" said Anne in her email.

I asked how the Hot Tomato had become a staple in the community since so many people adore the place and its food, and Anne had said that they had survived simply because they were nice to everyone (and the two had a cycling background, which is something tourists want to see). It's amazing how far being nice can get you, especially when it's getting less and less common.

I asked what their plans were for the future. Anne had said that "The plan is to look into opening maybe two more food-based businesses," and that they were involved in the Bestslope coffee shop behind them. Anne had left off by saying that they'd accomplish their goals for those businesses the same way they did the Tomato, "Which is, in a nutshell, having a solid vision and then taking the steps necessary to make it work." Sounds like a pretty good plan to me, seeing as the Hot Tomato is as successful as it is today.

Now, for my personal experience. I've only ever been there a few times, but each time it was a kind of cool little hang-out place. A little crowded, but it added to the atmosphere of it all. The food is pretty great and reminds me of Diorio's (but about 34 times better) along with that the fountain has cream soda. Cream. Soda. Look, I freakin' love cream soda, and they have it in a fountain! I do really like this place, and I like it quite a bit more now that I know the little bit of history behind it. Thanks for responding to my email, Anne, and thank you, random person that's reading this. Hope you enjoyed.

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Hey, the two other people currently in this community. Since this is going to be a hard thing to start up, I wanted to try to kind of raise awareness of the Local Guides program, since not many people really use Google+. I wanted to get some local businesses involved in this, and maybe aid us in our hobby of making Google Maps a better place. This collection will showcase the backstory of the location, my personal experiences there, and then there's you. If you've ever had a memorable experience at the mentioned place, please comment it. Thanks.

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Hey, I started this community a while ago, and I'd like to give it another whirl. If you're in the Grand Junction or Grand Valley area, and either are interested in becoming a Local Guide, or already are one, I'd love if you'd like to join.
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Is it bad that I'm just obsessed with Google and their products? They're just a badass company, and they have so much stuff that nobody's ever heard of. I love it.
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So, what would it take for me to become a creator? What kind of programs would I need, and who would be a good YouTuber for tutorials and examples? (Other than the creators in this community, of course.) I've asked for a few things from this community, and I want to give back a bit. What are you guys looking for, and what does it take?
+Arctis​, +Draceon​, +Faisy​, +BuddermanxMC

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Hey, I was wondering if I could get a simple one similar to Mrwhosetheboss, with my icon/name along with the theme being gray and green, if you could. If that's too complex, then just make something somewhat similar to it. I really don't care, and just need an intro. Also, the song I'd like is "Heroes Tonight" by Janji. (The NCS release, of course.)
Link to Mrwhosetheboss's video that has the intro I'm talking about:

Hello and welcome to the community! Here is a safe haven for Local Guides in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is a place where you can discuss reviews, photos, places, businesses, et cetera.
1. Be kind - Don't be racist, intolerant, or an ass in general.
2. Stay relevant - Try to keep on the topic of the post, or the town at most.
3. Write correctly - For the love of God, capitalize and use punctuation correctly. We want to read a review or caption, not an elementary schooler's paper on how good hawmbuwgwrs r.
4. Don't advertise. Please. If you're starting your own business and would like to post it, ask me first. If I allow you to, don't spam or I will ban you.
Enjoy your stay.

I was wondering if someone could make me a logo? I'd like the background to be black, with a yellow "D" in the center left, with a yellow "G" to the right of the "D", and the line on the middle part of the "G' can look like an arrow nocked on the "D" as if it were a bow? Also, the for black background I'd prefer for it to be the HTML code "171717", and the yellow being HTML "a76905", if that would be possible. Thanks.

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