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What matters should a partnership agreement address?
Check out this article about the issues that business partners in Ohio should consider when drafting partnership agreements. Ideally, these agreements should specify how responsibilities, profits and losses will be divided; how disputes will be resolved; and how the loss or addition of a partner will be handled. Learn more about the risks of entering into a partnership without one of these operating agreements in place.

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The authority of the Ohio Board of Nursing, explained
Read this article to learn about disciplinary hearings before the Ohio Board of Nursing.

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LLC operating agreements vital
Those who wish to set up a limited liability company in conjunction with others should consider having a comprehensive and well-written operating agreement drafted. An operating agreement is a contract designed to govern the internal affairs of the LLC by providing the framework for determining how business and financial decisions will be made. Read this article to learn some tips on matters which should be addressed in an operating agreement.

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Will an Ohio court enforce a non-compete agreement?
Read this article to learn when Ohio courts will enforce non-compete agreements and the factors a court looks at to determine whether a non-compete agreement is “reasonable.”
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