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I think we've met, do you remember?
I think we've met, do you remember?


Playtest Group One Highlights:

The Adventurers are three vagrants: an Arquebusier named Charles (Fighter), a Magic-User called Samantha (who has the tools of a Barber-Surgeon), and the so-called “Viscount of Vascony”, who dresses fancy and carries a rapier (a Magic-User as well). All were desperately poor, each having only a Silver.

After arriving in Aldercliffe the Adventurers encountered a man with a ridiculous beard. He tried to grab their faces, but they restrained him. After he fell asleep they helped a watchman take him to the stocks, and lock him up.

They visited the ground of the estate (a dusty, sprawling place) where they thought they had found employment, only to receive bad news. Their employer had died while they were en route, but the majordomo said they could stay here for now. Each of them were given rooms, which also housed collections: one of shells, the other butterflies and moths. The last was filled with beetles, but another was available that was filled with guns. Charles befriended a tremendous dog.

They dug through stacks of old books, in a chapel that was to become a library, finding a book of anthropomorphic flowers that became shockingly pornographic. They kept this, and a bible, for later use.

They met a painter who still lived on the estate, he had a request of them: another visiting painter in the city had some pigments he dearly needed, but could not buy. Could they perhaps get those from him? He was unable to do this himself, but he had some money to pay them with for the trouble. He also gave them one of his paintings, as a token of goodwill. His work was unusual: very sloppy and very colorful.

They went to the Inn where this painter was, but on the way helped the watchmen again: a woman resisted detainment (she was to punished for swearing). Charles caught her when she ran, and said he’d gladly meet her for a beer after her public shaming.

At the inn they met a spokesman of this mysterious painter, called Meinhardt: a large teutonic man with a hideous fencing scar. He insulted their painting, and began a lengthy sales pitch to Samantha, who sat with him. Charles and the Viscount went outside, to snoop and spy. They peered into the showroom when Samantha went there with Meinhard, then around to the back area near the stables.

Samantha saw that the paintings were indeed quite remarkable, almost like photographs. Meinhardt seemed to be warming up to her. When she suggested meeting the painter he agreed, saying she might be able to sit for a portrait that could be finished later.

Meanwhile, as Charles scaled the outside of the Inn to peek into the windows, the Innkeep noticed the Viscount outside. He said he could come inside, if he wanted, and to avoid startling the horses. In the windows Charles saw a storeroom and a man sitting behind an easel. The Viscount went to the front, where he had set their painting and his hat.

As Meinhardt took Samantha towards the painters chambers, a watchman took notice of the Viscount and questioned his behavior. After the Viscount said he had bought the painting he carried with him the watchman became quite incensed. It is not permissible to buy things on off-market days, and so he whipped the Viscount in the streets. This caused quite a commotion. He confiscated the painting, also.

This caused Meinhardt and Samantha to leave the painters chambers, before she had a chance to even see his face. He said she should return tomorrow to meet him. Then entered Charles, and after some discussion about Meinhardts fencing scars it seemed as if they two might soon spar, in a contest of manliness.

I'll finally be playtesting Deformation in Subterranea, starting this week. Also, hello, it's me and I am posting again.

Life has been a really memorable collection of strife and bullshit since I started writing the damn thing, so much that I felt like it'd never get finished a few times, so it's an exciting feeling to finally have a psuedo-product sort of "done".

I'm excited about the groups I've got, one of 2 and two of 4. I'm intending to post summaries of the playtests on my blog too, or at the least the best snippets of them.

But anyway, anyone have thoughts on how to do good playtesting or whatever?

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new state, new players, new campaign: a red and pleasant land. way more happened than this but I'll write it down later (I promise. you've seen how I write).

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Wandering Die Tables are the New and Exciting. I might try and fold this into a Veins of the Earth campaign.

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Has it really been six months? Here are some magic tables I've been using, based on Wonder & Wickedness.

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A bigger preview portion of Deformation in Subterranea, a Puritan city, with more to come soon.

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I didn't die, I've just been writing an adventure!

Here's a spell to ruin the earth with, in the name of pacifism.

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the numerous variants of the winter man we call santa claus, one of which descends from heaven on a golden rope. also check out his nativity scene for some excellent multifaced angels.
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