Very good markdown editor for Android
Finally I think I've found a really good markdown editor for Android and it is called LightPaper and it has a number of features which are very useful indeed. There is a light version and a pro version, the pro version costs €2.99 and that seems very inexpensive for such a good Android markdown text editor.

What I like about this application is that you get an extra row of keys to use at the top of the screen for entering your markdown quickly. There are quite a lot of keys for entering quick markdown syntax on there, so this extra set of keys scrolls from left to right to fit all of the different options available. It probably could have been done a little bit better, for instance you only need to have one # key, but what the developer has done is to give you three keys, one for each of the first three headers. Then there are the keys for doing bold and italics and these work by putting the necessary characters around a selected word. Obviously you have keys for putting in links.

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