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accountant by day - dog walker by night
accountant by day - dog walker by night

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baby bump and weekend update
i'm currently sitting somewhere between 31 and 32 weeks. and yesterday i had 3 people ask "how much longer" and another ask if i was sure there was just 1 in there.  i thought i was going to cry.  i'm feeling ginormous with 2 more months still to go. on the...

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week 30
today i am officially 30 weeks pregnant!! and i'm beginning to think i'm going to need a chauffeur because i can only scoot my seat so far back and still reach the pedals.  whenever i hear someone is in their 30-something week i automatically think they're ...

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29 weeks
happy last week in the 20's! week 29 is here and making itself known! i am constantly oscillating between feeling super on top of things (like i said the other day) to feeling like "oh sh!t - i still have x,y,z to do!" (i probably won't be happy until there...

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curtains and sweater balls
it's tuesday and derby week.  which, if you don't know, means not a lot gets accomplished at the office.  i take that back - i'm actually getting a lot done in preparation for month end - but there's fun activities scheduled all week at work (run for the ro...

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Hello Third Trimester!
it's my friday and this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous! originally bill and i had planned to take a long weekend to asheville, nc - cabin booked and everything. and then i started getting strong nesting urges and really preferred new floors over a coupl...

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nursery progress and installing floors!
so i kind of hoped to have a bit more accomplished in the nursery by today but since i didn't really have to do any of the grunt work - i'm not going to complain! my awesome husband and brother-in-law signed up to run the derby half marathon this past weeke...

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transformation tuesday
wait...what? i'm back after taking a 2 month-ish hiatus.  whoops!  it wasn't planned, but it felt needed.  obviously, i've posted all over instagram, but there's only so much i can share through pictures alone. i've been incredibly lucky to have such an eas...

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baby O
i am totally utterly fantastically in disbelief. seriously. for the past 4.5 months i have daydreamed about having a son.  raising a small boy.  mud puddles and worms. and i guess the universe thought that was pretty hilarious because we found out yesterday...

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mind + body
sorry. this is long. tl;dr version :look! i'm still pregnant.  i'm feeling better. i ate bad for 3 months and didn't exercise for like 4.  but i kicked ass this weekend and got in some workouts! yay. i find it absolutely ridiculous that i go from feeling li...

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my first coffee in 4ish months.  glorious.  why did i wait so long?  coffee is a wonderful thing.  still trying to only allow myself one every once in awhile. is the moose head creepy?  because i really want to buy it for the nursery.  i'm only slightly jok...
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