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Fishing for Love

Being single around Valentine's Day has a distinct fishing experience about it ... just sayin. It's great for artistic inspiration though!

After being single for over 6 years, focusing on my daughter/building my business, and making great strides in my personal transformation ... I find myself fishin again and this time I am 'after' a Big Kahuna! ;o)

Have to say it ... Henry David Thoreau puts it hook, line, and sinker. What do you think ... is this true for traditional 'fishing' too?


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Radiate Love

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Frozen Sight

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FREE Webinar - The State of Stock ... TOMORROW!

Watch as James from Alamy and my PhotoBizCoach +Beate Chelette reveal how to make money using your stock photos during this must-attend Webinar ...

Tuesday July 28th at 9a Pacific!

They will be covering:

- Is stock even worth your time given that the prices are so low?

- What is the current stock photography model that generates revenue?

- What is the first step that you can take to get your images seen by stock buyers?

BONUS: You'll want to hear about Beate's $697 stock system that she is giving away for free...

Register Here:

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This image gives amazing perspective to what occurs during a conjunction.

Venus and Jupiter are Close
Composite Image Credit & Copyright: Wang, Letian

On June 30, Venus and Jupiter were close in western skies at dusk. Near the culmination of this year's gorgeous conjunction, the two bright evening planets are captured in the same telescopic field of view in this image taken after sunset from Bejing, China. As the two bright planets set together in the west, a nearly Full Moon rose above the horizon to the south and east. Imaged that night with the same telescope and camera, the rising Moon from the opposite part of the sky is compared with the planetary conjunction for scale in the digitally composited image. The full lunar disk covers an angle of about 1/2 degree on the sky. Visible as well in binoculars and small telescopes are Venus' crescent and Jupiter's four Galilean moons. Of course, Venus and Jupiter are still close.

Hello to All Wet Wednesday & Stone Saturday followers ... I am no longer acting as a curator of those themes and they are open for adoption!
#wetwednesday   #stonesaturday  

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FINALLY!!!  I remember masterminding on this back when we were all but babies in BETA. So happy to see this roll out.   

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While working on my website, I came upon this radiant beauty ... perfect for a lovely spring day!

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Help to Raise £5000 for Kolkata Sanved to Save Lives Through Dance! ... ONLY 7 Days Left to Contribute
Created by: +Vaishali Patel 

Everyone remembers the brutal story of what happened on a bus in Delhi in 2012. A woman’s life was destroyed. I was disturbed for months. I couldn’t understand how one human being could do that to another human being. Where was the respect?

The incident sparked in me a personal desire to effect a social transformation; one that saw people honouring and respecting each other because if you honoured and respected another human being, why would you hurt them? What better way to do this than through dance :) 

Part one of my campaign is to launch 'Dance for Transformation,' a campaign to unite India through dance to end sexual violence. There will be more details on this on a separate page.

Part two, is to raise £5000 for Kolkata Sanved, an innovate Non-Governmental Organisation that uses Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) as an alternative approach to counselling and psychosocial rehabilitation. Their ground-breaking programmes empower survivors of trafficking and violence release trauma, develop confidence and identify their own potentials as human beings rather than as victims. 

I love dance and I love how Kolkata Sanved uses dance to empower women. In the last 10 years, Kolkata Sanved has impacted upon 7000 survivors directly and reached out to 188199 individuals globally. What's special about them is the fact that their core employees, have experienced the healing and empowerment programme first hand as participants. 

Your contribution will help:

- Promote Dance Movement Therapy in the vulnerable community who are facing violence, abuse and exploitation.
- Capacity building of Dance Movement Therapy Practitioners

Here's what the £5,000 will contribute to:

1)  Rent of Dance Studio (35% of funds)
2)  Travel Cost for DMT Practitioners (25% of funds)
3)  Dance exchange programme and capacity building of practitioners (5% of funds)
4)  Salary of 2 DMT Practitioners (30%)
5)  Admin and Overhead cost (4%)

Other Ways You Can Help: 

If you love what Kolkata Sanved are up to and want to help in other ways, then please share this campaign with your friends, family and wider community!

For more information on Kolkata Sanved please visit their website

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Love is always thirsty and looking for a thirsty lover. Love and lover follow each other like day and night.


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