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‘Marital Rape’ where does it stand in Islamic Legal System
What is marital rape? What does Islam say about this? These are important questions which have been the cause of confusion for many people. But let me tell you that Islam is not silent on any Legal issue and so is in the case of ‘Marital Rape’. Marital rape...

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National Housing Shortfall and Mr. Prime Minister
Recent Panama scandal and the main personalities found guilty in hiding black money and tax evasion brought almost all of their assets before the public. Unfortunately PM of Pakistan is also among those. Although PM has refused and rejected all the charges ...

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The Sindh Hindu Marriage Bill 2016 – What about Hindu Pakistanis of other Provinces??
In spite of the fact that Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan recognizes Hindus as equivalent citizens, however regardless it doesn't recognizes their union in marriages. The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1962 gives complete family laws to Muslims a...

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Panama Leaks - A storm yet to come
Panama Leaks, A storm yet to come What are Panama papers? Who is Mossack Fonseca??Why Panama papers matters exactly? What makes the famous celebrities and leaders around to be on their heels?? Panama papers contain information of all those ‘big fishes’ who ...

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Do Women Need 4 Witnesses to Prove Rape?
This is, unfortunately, a very common and very serious misconception amongst many Muslims — not only the average Muslim but Muslims who would call themselves scholars of Islam. The very short answer to the question is: No. Islam does not require a woman to ...

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Can Pakistan win its war against the Taliban?
P aranoid parents have always known that children’s parks are potentially dangerous places. That rickety seesaw might fling your child skywards. That slide is always too steep. That swing will snap one day. That toy plane that vibrates after you insert a me...

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In recent decades, women have made progress in pay and parity with men in such professions as medicine and law. But when it comes to running things at the highest levels, it’s generally still a man’s world.

#gender #inequality

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Blasphemy in the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah
By its constitution, the official name of Pakistan is the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan." More than 96% of Pakistan's 167 million citizens (2008) are Muslims. Among countries with a Muslim majority, Pakistan has the strictest anti-blasphemy laws. The first ...

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Province of Sindh passes landmark Hindu Marriage Bill.Looking forward to Other Provinces Now
Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh on Monday became the country’s first region to give its small Hindu minority the right to register their marriages officially. Non-Muslims make up only about three percent of the 190 million population of Pakistan, whic...

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Third gender in Pakistan
I have recently been researching on Third gender rights and legal situation for them in Pakistan and found this Article written by Fatima Shaheen.The writer is a barrister and host of 'Qanoon Bolta Hai' on PTV News. Not only Fatima shaheen, there are so man...
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