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Our 2015 menu:
1- Pork
2- Beef and raisins
3- Criolla
4- Beef and mozzarella
5- Chicken beer
6- Choclo
7- Caprese
8- Mushroom
9- Cheese and onions
10- Spinach
11- Dulce de leche
12- Apple, pear and cranberry

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alfajores are part of our menu. Order them at Portland Saturday Market. Dulce de leche, Chocolate, maizena, gluten free, nieve. This deliciousness melt in your mouth.

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selling empanadas at PSM

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2015 un  nuevo comienzo

We are at Portland Saturday Market on weekends starting tomorrow Saturday February 28th to the end of the year. Try our new menu.

10 flavors ready to go, check today the new flavor: chicken empanadas!!
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