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Washington, D.C
La Paz, Bolivia - Fort Dauphin, Madagascar - Accra, Ghana - Tarija, Bolivia - Ashland, MA - Lugano, Switzerland - Muscat, Oman - Jacksonville, Florida - Putney, Vermont - Brattleboro, Vermont - Deerfield, Illinois - Guayaquil, Ecuador
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So I came to Segou for work...stayed in the hotel with nice views of the Niger. Rooms are comfortable and food is great. Boat rides to see hippos are highly recommended! Service is good too!
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Alright let's get one thing out of the way, I don't have a chimney, so I would have no reason to use a company such as this. This review is about principle and safety. I was driving today and I was the first car stopped at the traffic light Connecticut avenue and knowles. Being the first car at the light, mine turned green and I went because green means go. Now, this means that the intersecting light was red, and I was shocked that your driver (despite the red light) overtook the RideOn bus and almost side swiped me and sped away. Thankfully I had space to move over to the middle lane to avoid getting hit. I have a few issues to take with this. The first, today was the first time I've driven after being sideswiped by a drunk driver. Secondly, I had my dog in the car. Where was your driver going that prompted him to drive so recklessly without regard for anyone's safety? I just moved back to the country 2 months ago from working with a mining company in Madagascar. All of our cars were geotagged because the biggest liability we had for our company was the cars that drove around town. Being geotagged means that all our cars were tracked via GPS and were forced to obey the speed limits, and if we didn't the car made an annoying noise until the speed limit was reached. If you were a frequent offender, you were let go. I think this is true for any company though, the people driving your cars are your biggest liability. If they hit someone, you and your company will be subject to lawsuits, which is a huge business risk to you. Also, I would think that this is a gross misrepresentation of Johnson Chimney, and you do not condone this type of driving. However, all I know is that this left a bitter taste in my mouth and perception is everything, especially when you own a local business. I'm sure Johnson Chimney does well for itself, having three strategic locations open, and I'm sure you perform quality work. I would, however, suggest that you scrutinize your drivers as if it weren't for quick reactions and sheer luck, my dog would have flown out the window and died and I would have been left with no car once again. I'm sure as judicious as this country is, you wouldn't want to have to replace my car, dog, and/or pay medical expenses for anyone involved. A solution I would suggest is geotag your cars, and have all your drivers take defensive driving classes and exams, and link their performance to include how safe they drive as part of your overall company safety strategy. Its a small headache, but in the long run one that can save the company. This experience surely wouldn't want to make me recommend or use Johnson in the future.
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Great sushi
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The atmosphere is great. The food is fantastic and the service is great too. You won't regret going there
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8 reviews
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