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Discussion  - 
Dammit... excitement whiplash. Why did my Dice Hate Me Rabbit pack come in a box from GTG?

I mean, yeah, new games to play. But I thought for sure it was going to be space heroes in space.
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Because we're shipping for many other companies now, including Dice Hate Me! 
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J Sinnett

Electronics  - 
Has anyone ever had problems with 4026 chips misbehaving?  I'm trying to build a three-digit counter, and while two of the 4026s I've installed have worked properly, I'm running into this bizarre issue where one of the two others I had was actually feeding positive current to pin #2 on its own  (Seriously, I blew an LED trying to figure out what was going on there), and the other seems to be treating pin 2 as a clock input.

And yes, all sixteen pins are wired.
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CMOS chips can act very oddly if the ground pin is not actually connected correctly to ground.  Or an input may be floating.  The chip might be wired up, but check the other end of the connection too.
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J Sinnett

Introductions  - 
Oh hey, there's this thing.  Now I can play online with the rest of the >G fans, yay!  *kermitflails*

Oh, /me is HikariStarshine.  So yeah. :D
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Webcam is not necessary though.  Most either don't have them or keep them turned off most of the time.  Just have your decks somewhere near you where you can get at them, a play surface big enough for at least one hero deck, and you're good to go.
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J Sinnett

Arduino  - 
Has anyone else experienced any problems when stacking two MakerShields together?  I'm working on prototyping my first Arduino project (a Sonic Screwdriver sort of goofy thing), and when I tried stacking two MakerShields, I suddenly started having a problem with Pin D9 (or maybe it would happen on other pins, I don't know):

MakerShield A plugged in alone:  Piezo buzzer on D9 makes the sound it should make when button on D1 is pressed, LEDs on D3-D6 light up one at a time, which one selected by button on D2.
MakerShield B plugged in alone:  Identical results.
MakerShield A plugged into B, all stacked onto the Arduino:  LEDs work properly, but total silence from the Piezo.

What's going on here?
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Of course, as soon as I post that, it starts working properly.  Still, it's strange and I wouldn't mind knowing why it might have happened or if anyone else has ever seen that.
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