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Back-to-basics & vintage reproduction products
Back-to-basics & vintage reproduction products

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Organic Flour, Organic Grains

Discovery why people return to purchase our Amish grown certified organic products.  Our organic spelt, wheat grains, and flours are our most popular including hard to find sprouted grains and flour.

Find them all at under the Kitchen & Food  Prep/ Amish Country Foods tab.
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Stainless Steel Drain Board

Our Amish Stainless Steel drainboard is one of our most sold and popular products.  Extra large stainless drainboards are made and used in the Amish communities to air dry large amounts of dishes, pots, pans and cooking utensils. 

We offer them in both stainless steel and powder coated decorator colors. located under the Home Goods/Cooking Utensils tab.
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Stainless Steel Drainboard

Our stainless steel drainboards are extremely popular for people looking for an old fashioned quality functional drainboard to dry heaps of dishes, pots and pans.

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British style ceiling mounted clothes dryer

Simple but functional ceiling mounted retractable clothes line dryer has been used in British homes for over 100 years.  This very popular vintage drying rack is now available in the US at Cottage Craft back-to-basics self sufficient general store.

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Amish Wash-Clothesline Pulley System

Dry your freshly washed clothes outdoors without ever having to step off the back porch.

Our Amish clothesline pulley system allows you to fasten the main pulley right outside the laundry room door and an outbound pulley mounted up to 150' away from the house.

Simply load laundry and move the line outward.  Reverse the process to remove dried clothes.  A great clothes drying system for winter months.

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Simple Budget Friendly Maple Syrup Evaporators

Now process small scale maple syrup like the big guys do using our all new budget friendly wood fired maple syrup evaporators.

No need to juggle all the hot pots and pans during maple syrup season and no need to spend thousands on a factory built evaporator. 

Our budget friendly Amish made wood fired evaporators come with divided stainless steel cooking pans. 

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Cottage Craft All new for 2016

If you haven't visited our main site lately you will find that we have been very busy adding many new off-grid products for self-sufficient living.  

We have also upgraded our 10 year old site to the newest and cutting edge platform available. We are now mobile friendly, and have a simpler checkout using either PayPal or credit cards.

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Water Well Hand and Pitcher Pumps

We carry a full line of USA Heller-Aller deep and shallow well hand pumps as well as all the replacement parts for old Heller-Aller water well pumps.
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